Are you getting bored with styling your wavy bob (wob) every single day?

If you're a low-maintenance kind of girl when it comes to beauty, these 3 simple looks are perfect for you. All you need are 3 bobby pins to freshen up your wob. These looks are also great if you are attempting to grow out your bob and want to creatively hide your split ends in the front without resorting to scissors. Our type 2 editor Susonnah shows you how.

1. Condition your hair.

Susonnah uses Mop Top Daily Conditioner. It is protein rich and contains soothing botanicals, ideal for helping natural definition bounce back without a lot of manipulation.

2. Apply a creamy leave-in and detangle.

While your wavy hair is still wet in the shower, apply a quarter sized amount of Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner in the hair. It has slip and is light, making it great for detangling looser curl patterns.

3. Air dry and lightly scrunch hair.

To speed up the process, Susonnah puts on her Studio Dry Hair Drying Gloves while lightly gripping each clump of waves. They are fast-absorbing and will encourage natural definition without causing frizz that a terry cloth towel or t-shirt tend to do.

4. Apply a light hold styling product.

Using DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, twirl a few pieces in the front for a more structured wave. Run a thin layer of AG Hair Cosmetics Beach Bomb--it is alcohol-free and infused with keratin, guaranteeing a lasting natural bounce to the wave and sheen that will last for a couple of days.

The looks

  • Casual & Chic: Place 3 bobby pins next to each other, parallel, on a front section of waves.
  • Flirty & Fun: Take a front section of waves and twist it to the back center of your head. Use 3 bobby pins spaced out to keep the twist in place.
  • Pretty & Glam: Grab a front section of waves (or your bangs) and gently pull it up and back on the top of your head to form a slight bump. Space out the 3 bobby pins to keep the ends in place. 

Is Susonnah your hair twin?

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