African-American woman with acessorized braids

Image: @ayeciara

We all want to look our best so we are ready to take on whatever life brings our way. When it comes to our curls, finding the best style takes some time and effort. For a lot of curlies, braided styles are a mainstay in their style rotation because they're easier to maintain throughout the week. Braids are also a fantastic way to protect your hair while still looking beautiful and expressing your unique style. That's just it, though - when you get into a braiding rut, you don't feel like you're achieving a unique look anymore. We gathered up 5 unique, fresh braided styles for you to try Here are 5 unique braids for your hair when you're feeling something new.

1. French Braids

This one doesn't seem unique at first - we've all heard of french braids. However, when you're looking to switch up your style, french braids can be modified a million different ways. French braids can seem difficult to master if you're new to them but once you get the hang of these, they'll stay on your rotation. The best thing about french braids is how well they stay put throughout the day and how versatile they are - appropriate for anything from work, to cocktails, to the gym. Check out how Rayann achieves her frenchies using My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter and a careful, skilled approach.

2. Stitch Braid Pony

Want a braided look that's pretty from any angle? This one looks intricate and complicated but with a little practice, it's super doable and looks sporty-chic. Like the french braids, this one stays in place and is comfortable to wear. Ideal for longer hair and possible for medium-length natural girls, this is one to try:

3. Dutch Braids

When you want a look that is perfect for a pigtail inspired look, Dutch braids are where it's at. Also called Inverted French Braids, this is an any-texture style that's equal parts elegant and stylish. Jasmine achieves this look beautifully and shows you how to get it done, too. Grab your Argan Oil, Curl Gel, and Styling Paste and let's get started...

4. Trendy Pocahontas Braids

This ultra-feminine, long-locks look is perfect when you want to rock your favorite extensions and feel flawlessly put together. Ciara will show us how to braid the front of our natural hair, pulling it into two long braids and adding gold hair cuffs to jazz it up.

5. Braided Crochet Updo

The crochet braid is a high-impact style that will impress your friends and coworkers because it's just a little bit extra. Tiny corn rows flank each ear and tie into two larger rows at the top of the head going back into the crochet hair which is added in sections. The hair is then fluffed, twisted, and pinned in place for a faux-hawk, pompadour style that is sure to turn heads.

Which of these styles will you be trying? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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