woman with natural hairstyle wearing glasses

When you wear glasses, it can totally cramp your style sometimes and seem like such a hassle when it comes to rocking your hair. While they are necessary for your eyesight, they can definitely mess up your look and take you from feeling fab to drab in no time. From getting your strands stuck when you take them off to hairstyles that just don't mesh well with your rims overall, it can be a cruel world for a curly girl in glasses, and sometimes you just want to rock a style that goes with your look, without compromising your vision. We rounded up some of our fav styles to help you out just for this occasion.

Here are 5 curly hairstyles for glasses to help you take back control of your look!

1. Faux Hawk

One of the best curly hairstyles for glasses is the faux hawk. You get volume on top and the look of short sides without actually having to take the plunge of shaving your hair. We also love that it can be both super informal or formal. It works well with glasses for a fun, fresh vibe, and by adding in extensions, she really elevated the style even more.

2. Twist Out

Of course, not every style for glasses wearing girls has to be an updo. Sometimes, you need to let those beautiful curls breathe! This look is one of the easiest and is great for when you want a full-bodied look to show off your texture. Us naturals love us a good twist out, so it only makes sense to highlight one of the most popular hairstyles with your brand new frames. We see you boo (pun intended).

3. Pineapple Style Updo

This is a classic look that helps keep your hair away from the earpieces of your glasses but still gives you some play on texture up top. Perfect for work, school, or play, this pretty style is a go-to for naturals looking to put their hair up while still leaving some strands loose.

4. Afro Puffs

Another of the best curly hairstyles for glasses wearing girls is the classic afro puff. Done in two puffs, this look is cute and youthful while keeping your hair out of your face. Try this one out with a pair of super on-trend colorful frames and turn heads in style.

5. Bantu Knots

Another classic for good reason, this is a half-up-half-down style perfect for wearing glasses without worry. This look plays equal attention to your glasses and your curls so you can create a beautiful balance for both elements of your look. You can even leave your bantu knots in to create a whole new look!

As a fellow curly girl with glasses, I am more than excited to try out these styles and can't wait to add them to my arsenal.

Are you a curly with glasses? Let us know in the comments how you wear your hair!

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