What I love most about naturally curly hair is that there’s more to it than meets the eye. It bounces. It stretches. It absorbs moisture like a sponge. It can even be blown out and styled in various ways to complement my mood or outfit. The following heat-styling tools that you can find at Sally Beauty are ideal for naturally curly hair. These tools will not only help you achieve the most epic blowout of your life, but give you five gorgeous looks to fall head over heels for.

Tool Science Nano-Silver Blow Dryer

Even though I love my curly hair, I really don’t like frizzy hair. Thanks to its static electricity reducing ionic generator, this blow dryer is the ultimate frizz fighter. It also protects product-coated strands from drying out, resulting in moisturized hair that’s ready to be shown off.

When used for a natural hair blowout, the Nano Silver leaves hair more manageable for versatile styling. You’ll also notice a shinier, softer head of hair with every use. In the blowout-to-natural styles video, you’ll notice how easily model Natasha’s natural hair can be manipulated and styled because of this tool.

Hot Shot Tools 1-inch Gold Curling Iron

Blowouts are really cool because when done right, your hair will be in the perfect state to show off Barrel Curls. This sophisticated, yet lighthearted look requires a curling iron that heats up to 450°F. That’s where the Hot Shot Tools 1-inch Gold Curling Iron’s 24k gold plated barrel really makes an impression.

Always on the lookout for how I can create long-lasting curls, I’ve found that this curling iron is the best for my coily hair. Its heating element and barrel use a pulsing technology that enhances heat-up and heat recovery processes.

Styling Aids

When perfectly setting that Pompadour or twisting those Victory Rolls just so, these unsung styling heros help set the stage. Trusty styling aids that you can rely on include butterfly clips to keep hair sectioned and in place, tease brushes for those larger than life days, and a jumbo rake comb that’s perfect for detangling and working in product.

Using the right tools for natural hair will give you endless hair styling possibilities. Watch as model Natasha’s look is transformed in one sitting by Austin, TX based stylist Brooke Michie. I think I’ll try the Braided Crown - it’s so pretty!

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the Tool Science Nano-Silver Blow Dryer and Hot Shot Tools 1inch Salan Culing Iron 24K Gold by visiting Sally Beauty online.

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