StyleNook user Julie.Pratt

Although we can be hopeful, our wavy, curly hair will never just be one texture.

When learning to deal with that fact, one thing you must be able to overcome are the pieces of hair that want to pull straight. There are some simple techniques you can add into your styling routine in areas you know have a looser texture, and for those surprise pieces that go straight after you have already styled and dried your hair don’t fret, there are ways around that as well!

1. Finger Curling

This is a super simple technique that you can add into your routine the next time you wash your hair.  After applying styling products, search for the pieces of your hair that seem to be pulling straighter than the rest of your head and single them out. Grab the whole clump and twirl it around to cause the strand to twist around itself then start wrapping that strand on your finger like it was a curling iron.  Once you reach your scalp gently let the strand down. Don' expect this to give you ringlets if you only have waves, but it will encourage your hair's natural wave pattern.

2. Flexi rods

These can be used either all over or in just specific areas that need it. This is the perfect option to get defined waves or curls without heat. If you choose to only do these in a straight section of your hair, make sure to match the barrel of your flexi rod to the size of your natural waves (if you don’t want them to stick out).

3. Dry Finger Curling

If your hair is dry and you’re in a bit more of a rush but don’t want to use heat, use a similar method to finger curling. Grab the clumps of hair that seem to be pulling straight, slightly wet them, and either use a hold mist or a spray gel, running each down the length. Instead of twirling the strand, just wrap the strand around your finger up to your scalp, hold for a minute, and let the heat of your finger set the curl in place. You can gently let the curl down and once dry you can scrunch any crunch out that may have formed. Toilet paper also helps enhance a natural looking wave.

4. Curling Iron/Wand

If you're in a rush and don’t mind using a heat styling tool every once and awhile, a curling iron or wand is a great option. In order to not make ringlets that stand out in your waves, loosely wrap your problem section around the barrel of the curling iron; after about 15-30 seconds--depending on how thick or thin your hair is--allow the curl to drop straight down and blend into the rest of your hair.

5. Q-redew

I use a Q-Redew for second day hair when it needs a serious refresh. I use this all over my hair to revive my waves. I also use a product on top to seal my hair for no frizz and to hold the curl all day.

Check out Diane Mary's full review of the Q-Redew to see how else she uses it on her wavy curly hair.

Do you have any tricks or techniques for getting your straighter piece to curl? Let us know in the comments!