We all want to make a good first impression.

And let's be honest: we know the corporate world tends to be a judgemental space to those who choose to wear their hair naturally curly, coily and wavy.

Sometimes we've got to bite the bullet and conform to some extent to get that dream job. Hey, there are bills that need to be paid! There are children that need to be fed!

These days, that good first impression doesn't necessarily need to be made in person anymore. Social media platforms and career networking websites like LinkedIn help employers spot their potential candidates from a distance.

Here is a list of popular natural hairstyles found on LinkedIn profiles that have been helping curlies and naturals get jobs in Corporate America.

janell stephens hair

Flat twist-out

Flat twisting is a technique used for stretching and defining the hair that's similar to a twist out or braid-out. The difference between a flat twist-out and a two-strand twist-out is that with flat twists, the hair is lying flat against the head. It is ideal for those with Type 3c to 4c hair with high density and porosity. See how Janell Stephens does her flat twist-out to perfection.

Braided Bang Updo

All you need is a pack of braiding (kanekalon) hair from the beauty store that blends with your natural texture, along with some bobby pins, and two minutes. This style is polished yet edgy and is best suited for those with coarse, high porosity curls and coils. You can learn more about how NC editor Devri Velazquez does her 2-minute twisted bun updo here.

Side-swept Heatless Waves

This effortless hairstyle is professional and sexy, accentuating natural waves by practicing safe heat styling, for a look that still feels like you! See how this type 2b wavy does it without causing permanent heat damage.

sleek bun

Sleek Bun

With some edge taming gel, a detangling brush that is easy on naturally curly hair, and a leave-in conditioner, this hairstyle adds just the right amount of class for the perfect selfie. See how type 3c Shannon creates a sleek bun on her curls.

flexi rod curlformers set

Flexi Rod or CurlFormers Set

If you want to get rid of frizz but keep your volume and definition, go for a flexi rod or CurlFormers set. This look is ideal for all hair types, but especially for those with Type 2a wavy, low density hair to Type 3b curly hair. See how Rocio does her CurlFormers set with mousse and a leave-in conditioner.

michelle wash

Wash and go

Who says you can't rock a wash and go without making a good first impression for a potential employer? See how Michelle Thames keeps her coils smooth and shiny for the headshots she needs for that dream position using shampoo and the LOC Method.

How did you wear your naturally curly hair to an interview?

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