Not all frizz is the same – some frizz comes from lack of moisture in your strands, your hair porosity, or the ways that you handle your hair for example how you dry your hair or whether you have hand-in-hair syndrome. There are so many variables that many curly girls can find taming frizz a challenge.

There are many curly girls who embrace the volume and character frizz brings to their curls – and we say rock it how you love it! But if you prefer a more defined look and frizz is getting in the way of that, here is how to minimize it.

What is frizz?

Frizz is a disruption of hair’s natural curl or coil by a raised cuticle that allows moisture to get in and swell the strands. Frizz occurs more commonly in curly hair than straight hair and frizz can take on a mind of its own and create tangles, knots, and volume that disrupt the uniform curl definition we strive for. The best way to tame frizz is to keep it from ever occurring.

How to prevent frizz

1. Use the right products

You want to use products that will seal the moisture in and keep the cuticle laying flat. It is not about weighing the hair down but rather about sealing your strands so they are soft, smooth, and moisturized. Many curlies use serums or oils to help seal in moisture and keep flyaways at bay. Make sure to properly apply product and not just plop it on. Fully distribute the product on all strands to ensure all areas are covered and less likely to get frizzy.

Deep conditioning after every wash day, keeping away from drying alcohols, and even using a microfiber towel or a cotton tee to dry your hair all help to reduce the possibility of frizz. Finding the right products for your hair type allows for much less frizzy days and even the weather can’t stop me when I have my Holy Grail regimen!

2. Get an excellent cut (regular trims”>

The right cut will allow our curls to fall beautifully. Those split or damaged ends become easily frizzy as they disrupt your hair’s natural curl. No one says you need to spend tons of money, but getting a haircut or a trim from a curly hair specialist ensures they cut the curls at the right angle so your hair falls correctly. A bad cut often causes even more frizz and not getting regular trims makes for split ends that will create knots, tangles, and frizz.

3. Limit your usage of shampoo

Shampoo is a necessity but we do not have to use it for every wash day. Shampoo may be drying out your hair and in turn creating more frizz. Try a co-wash every other wash day to make sure you are keeping hair as moisturized as possible.

4. Leave your hair alone once it is styled

One of the easiest ways to create frizz is messing with your hair after you styled it and before it is dry. Allow hair to be at least 90% dry before scrunching out the gel cast or before you start trying to fix it again. I cannot tell you how many times I have created frizz by fooling with my hair when wet. Every time you touch your hair you are breaking up its natural pattern and that can cause frizz.

5. Do not over-process your hair

Over-processed hair is damaged, brittle, dry, and frizzy. Hair can be over-processed by color, straighteners, color, or direct heat. Make sure to use products specifically for chemically treated hair to keep it moisturized and healthy and try to limit your direct heat so you do not dry out your strands or cause heat damage.

How to fix frizz

If you find you have frizz despite your efforts to prevent it, do not fret. There are ways to fix it and make for a better hair day that does not require putting your hair in a ponytail.

6. Apply some conditioner

We often feel we covered all areas of our hair but sometimes miss and have a frizz patch. Run some watered-down conditioner on it to calm the frizz.

7. Apply a serum

A good hair serum is great for when out and about and hair begins to frizz. Whether it is a serum or a cream, make sure to just apply to frizzy areas and tie it up in a bun while damp to smooth hair back down.

8. Start over

If all else fails and you have the time, just rewet your hair, and start over. Not the ideal solution, but sometimes I see the frizz is taking over and that can be from not sleeping on a satin pillowcase to not properly applying my products. I jump in the shower and just start over and with my conditioner + elixir mix and all is right with the world.

9. Keep hair accessories on hand

If you get caught in the rain or hair starts to get bigger as the day goes on, just enlist the help of headbands, bobby pins, head scarfs, and even ponytail holders. Place hair in a bun or throw on a headband but my favorite item is a pair of sunglasses. My hair can be a frizz mess, but if I place them at the top of my head, I have turned my hair into a cute mess. I swear it works!