My expectations of going back to school were always very high when it came to haircare. I always vowed that I would have my hair styled to perfection everyday, deep condition weekly and moisturize nightly.

However reality always sat in within the first few weeks and I found myself drowned in work and my hair being the last thing on my mind!

Below I have created a curly hairstyle that you can put together quickly in the mornings to jazz up your hair throughout the week. (This look can also be styled the night before if you don't move around a lot in your sleep.) Check out the below steps to achieve a back to school hairstyle for medium to long length 3c curls.

What you need

Starting on a wash-and-go you will need a hairband, your hands, a leave-in conditioner, some gel and a bristle brush.

1. Start by creating a side part at the front of your hair.

shannon 2 back to school

2. Split the front section of your hair into 2 sections (1 on each side).

650 3 shannon back to school

650 shannon 4 back to school

3. Apply leave-in conditioner to the sections and some gel to the edges of the hair. Once moisturized, smooth your bristle brush on your edges to make sure the flat twists look sleek before twisting.

shannon back to school 9

4. Begin to flat twist both sections. Start at the top of the section, split into 2 halves, and twist around each other while grabbing sections of your hair as you twist downwards. The motion is similar to how you would do a traditional 3-strand braid.

shannon twist

5. Moisturize your ends with some leave-in conditioner to further protect them.

shannon 8 back to school

shannon back to school 11

650 shannon back to school 6

shannon 13 back to school

6. Grab your hairband and gather the 2 twists to the back of your hair to style in a ponytail.

shannon bun

7. Twist the ponytail into a bun.

back to school bun final

You are all done!

To perfect the style you can also use the pads of your fingers dipped in some gel or edge control to lay down your edges even more. This is a simple protective style that can be worn in a ponytail, pineapple, braided headband, high bun and low bun, 2 space buns -- it is versatile enough to restyle.

shannon back to school

This is a hairstyle that will benefit you during the school period that has you feeling too overwhelmed or lazy throughout the week. Bonus: it will also prevent any dryness that comes with neglecting your hair for days on end.

Have a great first day back!

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