A New Clumping Technique: Scrunch & Pump

2011-03-22 11:40:29

A New Clumping Technique: Scrunch & Pump

A new trend in curly hair? Check out one CurlTalker's perfect curl clumping technique!


CurlTalker CSteen85 describes her method for getting clumpy curls—something many curly girls are definitely looking for:

So, I don't know if I invented a new technique or what, but I figured out a way to achieve clumps for myself—and they're good ones, too!

I did my normal routine with No Poo and One Condition, which I don't rinse out all the way, so it makes that squinchy sound when I scrunch and it's still dripping and I add AnGel.

But here's what I do. I coat my hands with the gel and then scrunch, but each palmful of hair that I cup, I squeeze and pump eight times for each section.

As long as I can hear that sound and it feels squishy when I pump my hand open and closed, I know it's working.

When I take my hand away, I'm left with a really soft-looking clump!

I did this all over my head to apply the gel and diffused and got gorgeous clumps!

I really find that the pumping helps distribute the product really, really well—especially for my super-dense hair.

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Oh thank you. Well I have 2c hair, and every time I scrunch, my hair ends up super frizzy, like a halo of frizz. UGH. :)
Pumping is kind of like a repetitive scrunch. When you close your hand to scrunch - thats a pump. So after your first scrunch just keep, close (1 pump), open, close (2 pumps)...on the same section of hair.
What is pumping?? I know what scrunching is but what is pumping??