When it comes to natural hair, there are lots of ways to style your strands in a way that stands out.

A part is a great way to draw attention to your hair, and it can also affect the way your face looks in terms of shape. However, while some naturals have a natural part, what we're born with might not always be what we want to present on the daily. And other naturals don't have a visible part to begin with! So when you want to change things up and section your hair into a new style, here are a few of the best parts out there.

No Part? No Problem!

We know, we know, this is cheating a little bit. But for lots of naturals, their hair looks best when they have no part! With bouncy curls just falling wherever they fall, you can create a full-bodied look that is natural and effortless. If you don't want a part, just let things fall and rest however they do on their own.

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Straight Down The Middle

This is one of the best parts for natural hair because of how universal it is—this type of part works well with several different hair textures and styles. Middle parts create a neat look that is perfect for sleek styles that call for your hair to be pulled back in a bun or ponytail, or into classically cute pigtails! If you have a heart-shaped face since that you're looking to elongate, these parts are going to be extra effective, especially when you have longer hair.

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Off to the Side

This slightly sassy part is great for those with a round face shape since it serves to lengthen you out. For all our baby-faced curlies, this will be the 'Take me seriously' part that will age you up, no special effects required. If you have a lovely square shaped face that you want to soften up on ocaision, this will be the part that's going to round off some of your sharper angles. To determine which side you need your side part to be on examine your facial features! If you have one side of your face where the features are stronger or point more upwards, that's the side you want to get your part on.

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Looking to pump up the volume on your curls? This is one of the best parts for natural hair as far as adding fullness to the floof. The zigzag part helps create a lifted appearance to the roots as it serpentines over your scalp, and itt's also just plain fun! If you have lower density hair and an extra visible part, this method is going to be just a little extra time that will instantly make any look seem extra special!

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What parts have you tried, curlies? Be sure to keep up with the best tips in hair sectioning with us, and don't forget to share your photos with @naturallycurly tagged!