A natural hair rut is such a common occurrence. It can happen to anyone. Sometimes it is a result of wearing the same old style for too long and allowing ourselves to settle into hum drum routines. So how do we spice it up and keep things interesting? What do we do when we have grown bored with the usual and gotten tired of our look?

Signs that You May Be in a Style Rut

1. You dread the thought of maintaining or caring for your hair. You find yourself loathing wash day to the point of putting it off until the very last minute. You may even notice that the handling of your hair has become more careless and less patient than it once was.

2. Are you basically wearing the same exact style every day with no urge to try anything new or different? You may even find yourself throwing your hair in the same old bun or twists.

3. Is your hair breaking and becoming more and more damaged with the lack of maintenance and care?

Now that you have realized you may be in a style rut, it may be time to get things back on track. There are multiple things you can do to renew your love for your hair and get things back on track. We’ll address a few things that will reignite your love for your curlies below.

Hair Rut Buster #1

Find a new style inspiration that will get you excited about your own hair again. Looking at someone who is on fire for their natural hair and truly in love with their hair could inspire you and make you love your hair again. You may be able to pick their minds and see what keeps them motivated to care for and love their hair. Sometimes seeing someone else exhibit the behavior is enough motivation to get you back fired up.

Hair Rut Buster #2

Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are hubs of inspiration so they’re the perfect place for a discouraged Naturalista to go if she has lost her spark. You can look to sites like these for style ideas, care routines advice, and even meet other women to find support. I can’t count the number of times I have looked to other ladies for style inspiration when I hit a style brick wall. Being able to look at other ladies with similar textures to mine that were trying a variety of hairstyles opened my mind up and got me back invested in my hair.

Hair Rut Buster #3

Grab a new product or try a new routine. Sometimes changing things up is the perfect remedy for a natural hair rut. If you’ve been doing the same thing for so long, that could be the exact reason why you’re bored. It could also be why your hair is no longer flourishing. Naturally, if your hair is starting to look rough, that would only make you lose more interest in your curls. Changing your routine could literally breathe new life into your hair and into you so give it a try.

Remaining open minded is going to keep you enthused and excited about your natural hair journey. So remember to find some natural hair inspirations, give a new product or routine a try and then change up your style!

This article was written by chicandcoily for CurlyNikki.