If you’ve got a bridal shower coming up on the calendar (or if you’re the bride) we’ve got a little round up of bridal shower hairstyles that might pique your interest no matter the aesthetic you’re going for. And if you’re short on time or don’t have the motivation to sit through hours of styling, there are a few styles here that you can surely pull off without a professional stylist in enough time to meet your friends and join in on the festivities.

Unlike official wedding days and after parties, bridal showers can be just as formal as the main event, a bit more laid back, or a combination of the two. Depending on how ceremonious the bride wants the occasion to be, you could wear some jeans and throw your hair in a quick ponytail and proceed to the event; or you might want to choose something a bit more eye-catching paired with a hairstyle that fits that vibe. Continue on to see 13 casual and formal styles for curls and textured hair. 

“Lazy Girl” Boho Braids

We’ll call this a “lazy girl” style because it doesn’t take as long to execute as typical boho braids, but the end result doesn’t look lazy at all. With this half-up half-down style you can fake the popular boho braid style on natural hair by only adding the braids in the most important places–pretty genius if you ask us. 

V-Part Wig

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @tierechristyan

You love your natural hair, but you also love a good wig–it makes complete sense. If you still want your hair to be seen to some degree to keep the hairline and middle part looking natural, try a v-part wig. This v-part wig install is so seamless it looks completely natural.

Jumbo Braid Twist

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @adannamadueke

Protective, but so cute. This style will keep your hair from tangling or snagging on clothing, and you’ll want to keep it in long after the bridal shower ends. 

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Easy Curly Updo

This curly updo looks red carpet-ready but will take less than 10 mins. Get yourself a hair tie, a few bobby pins, and your straightener ready and pull your hair into a simple and elegant style. The straightened side swoop and strategically placed bobby pins really elevate the look–it looks even better on frizzy curls.

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Defined Curls and Side Swoop

When you want to show off defined curls, go with a simple style like this. Separate the hair for the swooped bang first, then go in with your favorite defining gel and styling tool, if you use one. This one could also be a two-in-one with a claw clip.

Headband and Boho Braids

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @caeliya.a

If you’ve already got goddess/boho braids (or any other kind of braids) installed, why not just accentuate the style with a headband? Braids are always going to look amazing unstyled, and the headband creates a fresh-faced look by keeping the braids away from the eyes.

Romantic Blow-Out

For the more formal gatherings, consider taking your blowout to the next level with a little rolled pin up moment. If you’re someone who’s into a retro aesthetic you’ll feel right at home with this style. Make sure to include a jeweled clip to finish it off. 

Simple Boho Braid Styles

This clip has four different styles to choose from for curlies who currently have boho braids installed. The style is already perfect as-is but if you want to go the extra mile and style the braids in a bridal shower hairstyle, here are some quick go-tos.

Pinned Short Cut

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @powerfluffgirl

For all the curlies with short hair but still enough hair to style, grab some bobby pins. You can pin your curls into a desired shape and swoop the side with a decorative pin.

Decorated Pony

The braided pony never fails us on any occasion, and for a celebratory occasion it never hurts to do a bit more with it. Add hair if need be to create a thicker and longer ponytail, and add jewels and gems to the style until satisfied. Style your edges in a way that doesn’t look exactly perfect or symmetrical–feel free to get creative.

TWA Waves

The TWA girlies know there’s not a ton of styling options with less than an inch of hair. But there are still some options! With a good old fashioned durag and some holding gel you’ll have waves in no time.

Sleek Middle Part

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @miaa.ashantii

A simple middle part with accent braids to spice up a wash-and-go. A tip for this one is to use a diffuser for better results, especially for better definition.

Double Braided Pony

13 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Photo: @a1liyah

This braided ponytail is twice as much fun, with a simple twist on the classic popular style. Simply split your natural ponytail in two if long enough, or add braiding hair to enhance the length and thickness of the style. 

Do you have plans to attend a bridal shower soon? What bridal shower hairstyles are you considering for the event?

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