I don't travel much.

I've been on a plane all of four times in my adult life, and two of those trips were for work. But you better believe that I was lugging about a third of my possessions each time and with the number of hair products I have? That...adds up. Not to mention it spills. And how is someone as vain and constantly sleepy as I am even supposed to fly comfortably anyway?

I'll keep debating, but for you curlies with shoulder-length locks, Coconut Restore partnered with us to give you all a pretty-yet-practical solution. Check it out!

Pssssst! We are giving you the opportunity to WIN all of these Coconut Restore products. Keep reading for details!

Coconut Restore x NaturallyCurly fishtail hairstyle infographic

This pair of fishtails is giving the Starbucks logo a run for its money.

Seriously though, the fishtail braids are perfect! They say that you're willing to put a little bit more effort into your look, but they're still flirty and fun! Bonus: the pigtail style is so much easier than a ponytail to sleep on when you're ready to recline that seat back.

So let's talk products!

First up, we've got the Curl Control Leave in Conditioner. As much as this mixture might smell like an island drink, only your curls need to obey their thirst with it. Now some of you might be thinking, "My hair's not dyed or naturally porous, this won't keep moisture where I need it to be." I congratulate you for taking your hair type into account, but because this formula uses shea butter as a complement to coconut oil to work its conditioning magic, those microscopic droplets keeping your curls healthy and elastic are going nowhere. Unlike you.

But despite the name, the control aspect of this conditioner is only going to help out our Type 2 or finely haired curlistas. For full Type 3 curls like Kiana's, we'll have to look elsewhere in the Coconut Restore family for the hold you need. Fortunately, we don't have to look far!

To keep your look in place, look no further than the Setting and Styling Gelee. Because this gel, like the rest of the line, is powered by coconut oil, it harnesses the unique cortex-penetrating property of the oil to penetrate the hair shaft and continue to seal in moisture from the inside as the gel dries to set your style from the outside. The ingredients list also includes hair growth powerhouse horsetail (also known by its sensual sounding scientific name, Equisetum Arvense).

If you're trying to get your edges back to 100% after some traction alopecia or from having read through some of our other Coconut Restore tutorials, this gel will be your perfect travel companion!

"Now April," I hear you saying, "that's all well and good, but I don't DO checked luggage."

Minimalism is as practical as it is antithetical to my own nature, but hey, I get it. And Coconut Restore's got YOU. The entire Coconut Restore line comes in a travel size, now available on the NaturallyCurly storefront! That'll make your carryon happy, your hair happy, and your local branch of the TSA happy for SURE. At just $10.00 for a plane-ready product pack your wallet will be happy too. Hey, more money for umbrella drinks is always cool.

So are you ready to start packing yet?

You'd better be, the full suite of travel-sized Coconut Restore goodness is going to be available soon! Sales start exclusively at the NaturallyCurly Shop, so get ready, get set, and get going!

Coconut Restore Fishtail Braids Giveaway!

You know you hate last minute travel plans…of course you can still get lucky!

What's luck have to do with it?

This giveaway, curlfriends! Comment below with what style you'd want to take to the friendly skies, and you could win the WHOLE Coconut Restore full-sized package! That's some good stuff right there.

Stay fly while you fly, and be sure to tag @coconutrestore and @naturallycurly if you're about to show out when you go out.

Bon voyage, curlistas!

This post is sponsored by Coconut Restore.

Photos by Brio Photography.