Sick and tired of your same old curly hair styles? Need a break from that afro, protective style, bun or ponytail? We hear you!

Curly hair may be versatile, but it's easy to get stuck in a style rut! Buns are easy, accessories are cheap, and a ponytail gets its all out of your face! So we went looking for easy ways to change up these tired curly styles without spending 45 minutes on a twist set!

Faux Bob

Skip the Cut, Get the Look

Tired of the same old boring long hair? Then, it’s time to create a whole new look for yourself!

  1. Section your hair in half from the top of each ear. Temporarily clip the top half on top of your head. Then take the bottom section and tightly secure it to your head, pinning it closely to hide that section of your hair.
  2. Take the top section of layers down and pin loose pieces that are longer than the rest up to even it all out to length of hair to create a bob. Make sure it feels secure so it will last all day long.
  3. Type 2 (Wavy): Use a hard hold gel on your hair before drying and scrunch it in upside down to create lift and to ensure that the waves will last all day. If you have short layers in the front, leave a few out to accentuate your face.
  4. Type 3 (Curly): Create a deep side part while your hair is damp to show off your curls. Use a medium hold gel on your hair to keep the curls in control and the frizz away.
  5. Type 4 (Kinky): Apply a smoothing cream all over your damp hair being careful not to pull apart any of the curls while pinning; this will only make the hair frizz. Use a hair serum or hair oil while pinning to keep the frizz down and to add shine to your new 'do.

Loosen Up

Rock Looser Waves!

Change your curl pattern for the day. If you always wear a tighter curl or do a lot of scrunching, then it is about time to change it up.

  1. Loosen the curl pattern by using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Then use a smoothing cream and frizz free serum together and run your fingers through your hair instead of scrunching. Run your fingers away from your face so that the curls will flow back.
  2. Before air drying your hair, take a large tooth comb and comb down the hair shaft a little to soften your curl and to give your more of a wave pattern.
  3. Type 2 (Wavy): You might already have a looser curl, so just lightly do this technique. You may even need to scrunch the ends slightly with a frizz-free foam to give them a wavier look.
  4. Type 3 (Curly): Lightly use the wide-toothed comb during your air drying to soften your hair to a wave. Use a smoothing cream if you start to see any frizz.
  5. Type 4 (Kinky): Let your hair air dry and keep running a serum through your hair to loosen your curl as it dries. The weight of the water drying in your hair will tone down the curls.

Texturize It

Sass up your style and let go!

Set your controlled curls free for a day to achieve for a different look. Normally you would wash and set your hair and not touch it all day, but it's time to change that!

  1. After your hair is set, apply a sea salt spray lightly all over, and start to scrunch while your hair is upside down. This will add lots of texture and will open the curls up.
  2. Type 2 (Wavy): Looser waves will require lots of scrunching, the more scrunching and the longer you hold them the more texture you will achieve.
  3. Type 3 (Curly): While scrunching the spray in lightly, run your fingers through your hair once or twice, no more. This will change up your curls pattern a bit and add extra texture.
  4. Type 4 (Kinky): Scrunch with the sea salt spray and also add a shine serum to add texture and shine to your look. Do not run your fingers through your curls; you will get too much frizz.