Finals are right around the corner. Isn’t it crazy how fast they snuck up on you?

You probably can’t remember the last time you slept, and you’re thinking about the mountain of books piled up that you have to study even as you’re reading this.

During finals week, you simply don’t have time to indulge your hair playing, so what is a college curly to do? The answer is not to walk around looking like Cousin It’s daughter from hair neglect. Simply read on for fabulous tips on how to spice up your ‘fall back’ curly hair styles like the bun and twists or braids and avoid looking like the school librarian.

Wavy Hair (Type 2″>

My fav styles for when I need a break from my hair are twists, braids and wash and gos. Twists and braids last a long time, and wash and gos are really quick to do, which means less time spent on hair. So why not mix and match all of these styles for an overall look that’s fun, different and easy to do? For this look all you will need is your styler, bobby pins, a seamless ponytail and rubber bands.

  1. Starting off with freshly washed hair, do a wash and go using your favorite styler. Then, grab random sections of hair and alternate braiding and twisting them and secure the ends with transparent rubber bands. The sections should be large enough that the braid or twist can be distinguished from your curls, but not large enough that they take over the style. Remember, you want a seamless fusion of waves, curls, twists and braids.
  2. Now for the fun part! You can either put your hair into a cute ponytail or bun, or go the more exciting route and grab large sections of your hair, loosely spin it around itself and pin in into place using bobby pins at the nape of your neck for a low, messy, free form bun.
  3. To complete the look, pull out a few sections from the bun, and allow a few curls to drape your face. Grab your favorite thin headband, and you’re done (a thin headband is best as you do not want a statement piece to detract from your style”>.

Tip: To prevent your rubber bands from tangling in you hair, dip them in a light oil like jojoba, and use a paper towel to blot off the excess. The oil will lubricate them and prevent them from snagging your hair. Remember to use scissors to cut out your rubber bands rather than unraveling them.