Diet and exercise aren’t the only paths to a thin appearance. Fashion and style are great ways to create the illusion of looking slimmer, and some curly hair styles can work wonders. Try a couple of these quick and easy styles to shed some pounds around the face and appear thinner! Experiment with caution, though; every face is different and will have different needs.

Voluminous Roots

Voluminous tresses can make your face look smaller, but beware! If your head is very round, you want to stay away from building too much volume around the face. It’s best to keep the volume at the top of your head so that your face is elongated.

  1. Wavy (Type 2): Use a good mousse or light cream to style your hair. Apply and scrunch your waves to your heart’s content. While your hair is still wet, apply root-lifting spray directly to your roots. Hold a hair dryer straight over your head, and blast your scalp with medium heat for no more than a minute. With your other hand, comb through your scalp with your fingers and ruffle the top of your hair to create volume. For maximum volume, you can try using a roller to lift the roots, however, a roller brush might disrupt your waves.
  2. Curly (Type 3): Use your favorite curl cream to style your hair. Try to stay away from a triangle shape hair-do by using the curling iron to create loose curls around your neck. Loose curls will make your hair look thinner. Apply root-lifting spray to your scalp. Using a diffuser, diffuse the top of your hair. Scoop your hair into the diffuser and twist it into the top of your head for ultimate lift.
  3. Kinky (Type 4): Apply styling agent to your hair and style. Be sure to apply a sealant and anti-frizz serum to the bottom of your hair as well. Try using hair rods or even crayons, and take different strands of hair from the top of your head and wrap them around the rods. Leave your hair in the rods as you complete your other morning tasks (make coffee, apply makeup, etc.). Once you’re done, unwrap the hair from the rods and seal with oil.

Messy Updo

A messy updo is as easy as pie because it does not need to be perfect. However, it is important to stick to these guidelines in order to execute a style that will make your face look thinner.

  1. DO NOT pull your hair tightly back. This will put the spotlight entirely on your face and will make your face look wider.
  2. DO NOT line up strands with your chin. This will give unwanted volume to the sides of your face. You do, however, want to have strands that fall below the chin or just above it. An updo is also a great way to elongate the neck.
  1. Wrap your hair into a bun, securing it with a chopstick or hair elastic. 
  2. Pull several strands out from your head, and twist them around your face. Hair that falls around the face, below the chin, gives the appearance of a longer face. Hair that falls above the chin will accentuate the cheekbones and make your face look thinner.
  3. Wavy (Type 2) Smooth hair product onto each strand and twist with your finger. Twist enough so that the strands fall either below or above the chin.
  4. Curly (Type 3) Try curling the strands with a curling iron, and be sure to apply product to the curls after they have been styled.
  5. Kinky (Type 4) Try twisting your hair strands with your fingers, and smooth hair butter onto the strands for a firm hold and to add moisture.

Long Layers & Wisps

Long layers of waves or curls are the best way to make your face appear thinner. Wisps also work great to highlight cheekbones and elongate the neck. Next time you go in for a haircut, consider adding layers or wisps if you wish to slim your face down.

If you don’t have time to make it to the salon, try styling your hair in a half ponytail, making sure to pull some strands out in front of the face. The half ponytail gives the illusion of two separate layers of hair.

However, you do not want to completely expose the sides of your face because this might make your face look wider. Instead, pull strands around your face that will work to accentuate the cheekbones (much like wisps would). If you want to avoid the half ponytail, try using bobby pins to pin strands of hair in different places. This will also create the illusion of layers.

Pixie Cut

When it comes to making the face look slimmer, the pixie cut is dangerous territory. If the pixie cut is too short, it could make your face appear wider. If you have a sharp jaw and high cheekbones, however, a short pixie cut, or even a big chop, could work wonders!

Removing hair from your head will make you look much thinner and will draw attention to your cheekbones. However, if you have a round face shape, you want to stay away from really short pixies. Instead, try a pixie cut with volume at the top of the head, which will elongate your face.  Once you have your pixie cut, styling is quick and effortless.

  1. Wavy (Type 2): Sweep bangs to the side so that they fall just slightly below the cheekbones, which will accent your jaw and cheekbones.
  2. Curly (Type 3): Spike it with thick, custard-like hair product to maintain firm hold.
  3. Kinky (Type 4): Try using gel, or a styling agent of your preference, to style the hair upwards. Or use pins to pin the hair upwards.