Three simple hairstyles that will slim your face and make you look thinner.


Diet and exercise aren’t the only paths to a thin appearance. Fashion and style are great ways to create the illusion of looking slimmer, and some curly hair styles can work wonders. Try a couple of these quick and easy styles to shed some pounds around the face and appear thinner! Experiment with caution, though; every face is different and will have different needs.

Voluminous Roots

Voluminous tresses can make your face look smaller, but beware! If your head is very round, you want to stay away from building too much volume around the face. It’s best to keep the volume at the top of your head so that your face is elongated.

  1. Wavy (Type 2): Use a good mousse or light cream to style your hair. Apply and scrunch your waves to your heart’s content. While your hair is still wet, apply root-lifting spray directly to your roots. Hold a hair dryer straight over your head, and blast your scalp with medium heat for no more than a minute. With your other hand, comb through your scalp with your fingers and ruffle the top of your hair to create volume. For maximum volume, you can try using a roller to lift the roots, however, a roller brush might disrupt your waves.
  2. Curly (Type 3): Use your favorite curl cream to style your hair. Try to stay away from a triangle shape hair-do by using the curling iron to create loose curls around your neck. Loose curls will make your hair look thinner. Apply root-lifting spray to your scalp. Using a diffuser, diffuse the top of your hair. Scoop your hair into the diffuser and twist it into the top of your head for ultimate lift.
  3. Kinky (Type 4): Apply styling agent to your hair and style. Be sure to apply a sealant and anti-frizz serum to the bottom of your hair as well. Try using hair rods or even crayons, and take different strands of hair from the top of your head and wrap them around the rods. Leave your hair in the rods as you complete your other morning tasks (make coffee, apply makeup, etc.). Once you’re done, unwrap the hair from the rods and seal with oil.
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Susonnah Gonzalez

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