Easy sexy styles that will take you straight from the office to your night out.

Bump It!

This is not Snooki's bump, either!

Now I’m not talking about a Snooki bump, just a mild bump on your crown. These are super easy to create and give you the illusion of volume without the shower and setting time period.

  1. Grab a section of hair from your hairline at your forehead and pull it back much like you would pull your hair back to create a ponytail, only use less hair. Then, ever so slightly push your hair forward to create a mini-bump. You can choose to leave a few stray curls out around your face, or to pull it all back.
  2. Bobby pins are your best friend, so don't be afraid to use them. The key is to lock them in place by making an X.  Always make sure you do not disturb your curl pattern when you pin them.
  3. Wavy (Type 2): If you have fine hair, you may need to lightly tease the top section of your hair to hold your style so your hair won’t split during the night. Simply tease close to the scalp, but not all the way through or you'll disturb your curls and create frizz. Spray a hard hold aerosol hair spray before and after you tease. Then, pin your hair back one side at a time making sure that it feels secure before moving on.
  4. Curly (Type 3): To change up your bump look, criss-cross your hair in the back giving it a slightly braided look, then pin in place. This will also help create the lift you need for the style. Make sure to spray with a spritz hair spray throughout to hold your curl and reduce frizz.
  5. Kinky (Type 4): Smooth with a strong frizz free oil on the top half of your hair as you are pinning back to keep the frizz at bay. Pin hair back one side at a time and smooth with each pin. If your hair is extremely thick, you may need to use a lot of bobby pins to hold your hair in place. Be creative and put them all going the same direction or try a fun design.
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Anna Craig