Felicity Jones hit the red carpet for the “Like Crazy” premiere, showing off a simple, but stylish fishtail braid. The look has a lot more class than a simple ponytail and is nearly just as easy. Read on to learn how to recreate the look for your mid-length to longer curly hair.

Her Curly Hair Cut

The look is a simple all one length long shape. Hers is more of a “just long hair” look, so keep the ends fresh with trimming every ten weeks. Avoid any layering so as not to add excessive fullness to the shape.

  1. Section your hair for control. Clip up all but the bottom of your hair to create a base guide line. Use this guide line as hair is released for above and cut to match the guide line.
  2. Part your hair down the middle and let both sides hang on your shoulders so you can see both sides and be sure they are even. Trim where necessary.

Her Curly Hair Color

Felicity’s curly hair is a deep, warm level 3 brown. If your hair is naturally darker, select a shade level 3 or 4, labeled dark brown. Look for a neutral base color. You will need some lift, so 30 volume developer is a good choice. Process following the manufacturers directions.

If your color is naturally lighter, you need to deposit pigment. A level 3 deep, natural brown with a warm base is the choice. Process with 10 volume developer for more pigment deposit.

Deep condition your hair to maintain hydration, shine and softness after all color processing.

Her Curly Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braiding is easy. Simply follow the steps below to create the look.

  1. Divide your hair into two sections, parting along the line you want the braid to follow. The braid can be centered, angled or set off to either side.
  2. Grasp a small amount of hair from the underside of one side of your part and lay it over the top to join it with the hair on the other side.
  3. Grab a small portion of hair from the underside of the other side and lay it over to join it with the first side.
  4. Repeat this process, alternating sides from which you take a small under-section, and join it with the opposite side across the top of the braid.
  5. You will begin to see the fishtail pattern appear. Continue this process all the way down your hair until you run out of length. Secure the bottom of the braid with a hair tie.

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Expert Curly Hair Braiding Tips

  1. A small amount of hair setting lotion or liquid gel makes hair easier to handle when braiding.
  2. The size of the section your move over to the other side impacts the look of the braid. For more intricate detail, take smaller sections. For a looser, chunkier look, take bigger sections.
  3. Do not worry about the small ends that pop from the braid. This adds texture and visual interest.
  4. Later in the evening, release the braid and shake your hair loose. The braiding will have set in a loose and wavy look that will carry you from the early happy hour well into the late night party.