The holiday season is upon us and that means more parties, more celebrations and more just general happiness. But along with that comes hustle and bustle of buying decorations and gifts, planning outfits and just generally rushing about.

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But here at NaturallyCurly, we never believe that hair should be an afterthought! Our coils deserve just as much time and attention as our choice of shoes that night — which sometimes means little time and attention. No worries, though — we have quick solutions to get your holiday hair looking hot and ready in a matter of minutes.

Classy, Protective Updo for Winter Bliss

Protective styling is a great way to combat split ends and breakage, especially in the colder winter months. Plus, these styles can outlast your gift set shampoo bottle!

Flat twist hairstyles are an easy and beautiful option for your curls. Here’s a quick tutorial for creating a simple flat twist updo.

  1. After you apply your favorite products, make a part from right to left at the back (bottom of neck). Flat-twist the bottom section and then make your next part. When you get to the middle section, make your parts on an angle.
  2. Flat twist each section until you are all finished. If you have difficulty parting your hair with a rattail comb, finger-part the sections and then have someone else use the rattail comb to clean up your parts.
  3. When you're all finished, wrap the ends around each other from front to back and secure with pins. Add your accessories and you’re good to go!

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