The summertime is approaching, so that means that curly girls are beginning to search for cute hairstyles for the fun summer activities. In the summer you probably want to go for styles that don’t require heat. Curly girls love volume, and there are many hairstyles that you can achieve without putting heat on your hair. Let’s check out a few hairstyles that you can achieve volume without heat.

Twist Outs

I love a good twist out. It is probably my favorite style to do. The key to a good voluminous twist out is separating the hair and picking out the roots. You can opt for a flat twist out or also individual twists, whichever you prefer. When you separate your twists, make sure that your hair is completely dry or else it will be a major fail. Also, make sure to apply oil to your hands when untwisting to help keep the frizz at bay. Then pick out those roots! Make sure you don’t pick too much to cause frizz though, just pick at the roots and lift your hair up and you will create a volume filled twist out.

Flexi Rods

Flexi Rod sets are probably one of my second favorite hairstyles to wear. The secret to achieving a full and volume filled Flexi rod set is all about the technique. I like to roll my hair down the rod like a wand curl set. You also want to make sure your hair is completely dry before removing the rods. You also want to make sure to add oil to your hands when separating the set.

Bantu Knots 

Bantu Knots are one of the most beautiful hairstyles. Honestly, every time I do them they are always a fail, but so many curly girls rock this hairstyle effortlessly. As with any hairstyle, this style turns out best when your hair is dry. Pick the roots of your Bantu knot set to achieve a big and voluminous hairstyle that will turn heads.

Braid Outs

Braid outs used to be one of my go-to hairstyles during my transition. They are so easy to do plus they look great on anyone who wears this hairstyle. A braid out is a good way to achieve volume. During my transition, I would braid my hair in multiple braids and then place perm rods at the ends for an added curl. Again picking out the roots of your braid out will give you ultimate volume.

Finger Coils

Finger coils is a style that I haven’t tried, but it is so beautiful on curly girls. I think I will try this style out soon and there is no better time than the upcoming warmer months. Separating and fluffing your finger coil set will help you with volume. This style does not take much to achieve a great volume. Check this style out on your next wash day.


What styles do you like that don’t require heat?

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