When your gal pals throw a holiday party, the invitation screams all-night fun. So you want festive and flirty curly updos that stay out of your face, as you make your way onto the dance floor yet again.

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Get a Glittery & Beguiling Bun

For a fun, wintery night on the town with your favorite gals, stylist Rodney Cutler suggests a disheveled bun with a glimmering holiday twist!

  1. First, gently pull your hair back into a ponytail, but "don't make it perfect — keep the curly texture and movement," Cutler says.
  2. Next, head to your local art and crafts store for a small container of glitter (try red or green for a seasonal theme — gold or silver for extra shimmer) and simply toss it inside the ponytail and sprinkle it on the top layer of your curls. "When the light hits your curls, the glitter will create a reflection and sparkle," Cutler says, "and that will give the look a really festive feel."
  3. Then, twist the ponytail into a messy bun and secure it with pins. If you have thicker hair, be sure to use two bobby pins and cross them in an X formation for the strongest possible hold.
  4. As the night wears on, you can always release the bun to let your hair down and the glitter fly — yet another way to make your holidays sparkle!

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to spray a good amount of a flexible hairspray on your finished style to ensure that the curls will stay in place. If you plan on taking this curly updo out later in the evening, use your fingers to restyle your curls. The flexible hairspray will provide a good base for getting the curls to do what you want.