nina sultant diffuser curls

If you are wondering how to keep your curls under control and looking great, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how I apply a styler. All you need is a little styling gel, an old t-shirt, and you are ready to go.

Things you will need

start with wet hair

Step 1: After you get out of the shower, do not dry it yet! Leave your hair sopping wet!

scrunch curls

Step 2: Before applying your styling gel, flip your hair over. This will help with distributing your gel evenly throughout your hair.

Step 3: Use 2 pumps of your styling gel and scrunch from the ends to the roots of your hair. I’m using Redken’s Curvaceous Ringlet Styling Gel

Make sure to evenly distribute throughout! 

use t-shirt to scrunch curls

Step 4: Flip your hair over again and scoop and scrunch your wet hair with an old T-shirt until it is no longer dripping wet.

nina sultan plops hair

Tip: T-shirts help prevent frizz!


Step 5: After your hair is T-shirt dried, you can either diffuse or let your curls air-dry!

Tip: For best results, make sure your hair is about 50% dry before diffusing!

finished diffused curls

And voila! That is how I apply a styling gel and use a diffuser for definition. If you follow these steps, you will have gorgeous and defined curls with hold that last all day.