After exercising throughout the week, my wash and go’s and twist outs look like they have been through hell and high water. Aside from working out, my schedule is filled with hard work and lightheartedness, and as a result I am left to improvise with my hair. I am not sure about you but the front section of my hair is always a dead giveaway that it is time to wash; straight up bush in the front, definition in the back. This weekend I saw Tia’s Turban Twist tutorial in my subscriptions and thought this is a perfect option for putting off your wash day if you would rather be out on the town than stuck in your bathroom. This tutorial is super cute, fun, and would be perfect with a skater dress and heels. Learn this one minute style below.


  • Bobby pin(s)
  • Ponytail holder
  • Afro pick


  1. Section the front from ear to ear
  2. Secure the back section with the ponytail holder
  3. Twist the entire front section clockwise or counterclockwise and stop 1-2 in from the ends
  4. Pull the front section toward the back and secure the ends to the crown with a bobby pin
  5. Release the back section, fluff it out, and pick the roots for extra volume

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