What do we think of when we think of bows?

We think fun! Feminine! Girly! And sometimes, we even think sophisticated. No matter what, there's a bow for every natural's hair, and when it comes to pretty ways to wear your curls, bow hairstyles are a popular choice for naturalistas of all ages...even if we DO tend to give them to our younger curly princesses. Not only are bow styles classic and cute, they also add a nice finishing touch to any look. Are you ready to shake things up with your natural 'do? There are so many more different ways than just headbands and clips (although, you'll never hear us say those aren't great). Let's let these experts show us how it's done.

Textured Bow Updo

This look is great for any age but is especially popular on little naturalistas. As a cute, yet protective style, this is going to be perfect for a girl that's active in action packed after-school activities like cheerleading, or sports, or the debate about whether or not cheerleading is a sport! This look is easy to achieve and works well with any natural texture. Whether it’s a picture day look for your elementary school daughter, or a homecoming style for your teen, this is a great bow ‘do to have in your curly repertoire. See for yourself here with IAMAWOG’s expert hands!

Rubber Band Plaits

We know what protective styles are here, right? No worries if you don’t, they’re just a style that helps growth by keeping your curls’ ends tucked away. But who says protection can’t be just as much of a look? With this tutorial, you’ll be doing it up for an adorable bun with Gugu’s elaborate styling flair and little Miss Londi’s natural kiddie panache. Although you COULD do any other accessory in this style, a flower, a shell clip, etc, there’s no better way to add a little layer of springy floof than with a nice bow. And don’t let the model’s age fool you, this particular protective style holds water for curlies well into teens (and maybe even their 20s)!

Hair Bow with Marley Braid

Okay, the curly kids have had their fun being models, it’s a curly queen’s turn! If you don’t have enough of your own length to make a bow out of your naturally grown hair, it’s not even a big thing, you can just pop down to the beauty store for a package. For this bow hairstyle, store-bought is fine! And for the hair with the closest texture to your own, or a seamless look, you’ll want to grab the Marley styles. For those of us who like a little more definition and texture to our styles, and insist that bows aren’t JUST for kids, let’s let Cherrell lead the way!

Any questions, curlies?

Do you want to rock a bow style? Let us know which ones in the comments!