Ouidad Q&A: I Need a Curly Wedding Hair Style

2012-01-27 12:24:57

Ouidad Q&A: I Need a Curly Wedding Hair Style

Ouidad's suggestions for elegant, curly wedding hair.

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Dear Ouidad:

I have been getting Ouidad haircuts since I was 13-years-old. The cut made me love my hair again!

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and will be getting my hair done in an updo at a Ouidad certified salon. Do you have any recommendations on a style that is easy and will look elegant for a wedding?


Dear Curly Cut Veteran:

I’m so happy to hear you’re loving your Ouidad cut! Braided styles are an easy and elegant option for weddings and work well on curly hair. Look online for pictures that inspire you and bring them with you to the salon. Your Ouidad stylist will be able to create an updo that works with your natural curls and also looks great!



That was a totally useless answer. The NaturallyCurly YouTube account actually has a lot of great sugesstions from their recent Holiday Hair video series. The one from the NY Curly Bride salon was great!