Find the right wedding hairstyles and trendy accessories for your hair.

8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa offers 8 tips to get the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Find your type

When selecting a picture to show your stylist, pick someone with a similar hair type.

Think length

Always keep your length in mind. If you want to rock longer locks on your wedding day, make sure you are open to clip-in or permanent extensions.

Try something new

Make sure to give yourself a different look. It's your BIG day—go fancy!

Stay dry

Make sure to use a product that fights humidity. Look for products that contain anti-humectants.

Show up ready

Keep in mind what you look you booked for (if you are booking a straight or re-curled look, make sure to come straight).

Apply more product than normal

Always book a trial

This will give you an idea of what you final look with be.

Hands off the hair!

Don’t mess with your hair when it’s wet to reduce frizz on your big day.

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