Tips on how to diffuse your hair like a professional.


Use "whatever floats your boat," says Herrera about choosing the right product for your hair

Why Does My Hair Get Frizzy?

Herrera gets this question all the time, as many of her clients will complain of the same result. How dry your hair is when you diffuse will determine whether or not you have frizz. The drier your hair, the more prone to frizz your hair will be. “If you hair is frizzy, your hair is too dry or you didn't put enough product in the hair,” says Herrera. She recommends diffusing the hair when it is still very wet. Herrera also suggests eliminating the towel process if you can. If your hair is sopping wet, blot dry in a downward motion and use a microfiber towel. Do not wrap your head in a towel, and do not shake up your hair with the towel, as this will result in frizz. “Gently squeeze out the excess water from midshaft to end,” suggests Herrera. it is equally important to use the medium setting on your hair dryer. Using fast, high heat will disrupt the curls and create frizz.

Which Diffuser Should I Use?

There are several different types of diffusers out there, and recently the curly community has seen more creativity in diffuser design. The funnel-shaped finger diffuser is the most common type of diffuser and can be found virtually anywhere. The Luxor Professional Air Diffuser is perfect if you're looking for a traditional hair diffuser. If you’re interested in the latest innovations, check out the DevaCurl DevaFuser! Its design resembles a hand, so you get the perfect spirals that fingers can give. If you’re always on the go, try investing in the Hot Sock diffuser. This lightweight diffuser is simple and perfect for traveling, and it’s designed to diffuse air while also shaping curls.

How Can I Make My Curls Last?

If your curls go limp the day after you diffuse, Herrera suggests reactivating the curls by wetting them. “Rather than restyling it, mist your hair with water. There's no need to add more product; your hair should have product in it already.” The product in your hair may feel like it has evaporated into thin air, but it is still present. Misting the hair will bring that product out again. If necessary, quickly run over your curls with the diffuser while the hair is moist. Overall, Herrera can’t stress enough the importance of devoting time to your hair. “The more time you spend on your hair, the more you can get out of it. If you follow the instructions properly, the style can last for two or three days,” says Herrera.

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