This has to be the easiest way to get the sassy curly fohawk updo Jareena, AKA ObsessedWithCurls, shows us how she achieves her sassy curly frohawk on bra strap length curls (or longer). She was inspired my Callherdini's super sexy 'do.

Flip all your hair to the front. Use a gel or pomade of your choice to slick your hair into a pineapple.

Pull the ponytail back just a little bit, this keeps the front of your frohawk from being in your face (especially if you have long hair).

Begin tucking and pinning the curls on the sides with bobby pins. If you feel there is too much hair in the front of your frohawk, grab some hair from either side of the front of your frohawk, bring it under the rest of the hair in the front from one side to the other side and pin it.

Continue tucking and pinning to desired look. Pull some curls a little further down in the front to create different lengths of curls in the front part of your frohawk, and you’re done!

Watch my tutorial

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