Quick & Easy Second Day Hair Styles

2012-08-07 14:29:47

Quick & Easy Second Day Hair Styles

Spice up that old style and give yourself another great hair day.

Textured Tresses

Working with your hair on day two may take some special care. When you need some motivation for styling, try a variation of the classic pouf. Piling your hair up and out of the way is always a great way to rock your curls on the second day.

  1. It doesn't get better than a big poufy ponytail! This style is super easy to create and allows you some flexibility in making it as wild or as refined as you want it. Remember, no metal in your scrunchie!
  2. Add a twist to this look by putting a braid or twist across the front of your hair. You could even add another twist to the other side too! This gives another layer of style to your second day look and helps to hide frizz.
  3. Type 2 (Wavy): Enhance the texture of your curls by using the right products. Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Crème Lite is just light enough to make your curls pop without weighing the hair down.
  4. Type 3 (Curly): Keep those frizzy ends in check by giving them a good dose of moisture. Try a product like CURLS Curls Milkshake to soften your hair while banishing those frizzies.
  5. Type 4 (Kinky): Second day hair should be great, so your concern should just be maintaining the awesomeness. Spray a bit of As I Am CocoShea Spray into your hands then apply throughout your hair. This will give your hair softness and an extra dose of shine.

Tips – A pouf doesn’t have to be plain! You want your curls to shine, so jazz it up and put your own twist on it! Whether you decide to add a twist in the front or not, this style will be easily maintained over the next few days. Use a silk or satin scarf while you sleep and you can get an additional few days from this look.

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Lisa Michelle

Lisa Michelle