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Our curls can be fickle. They decide if they want the weather to intervene and clump or frizz without a moment’s notice. We understand that day-to-day interactions with them require us to forgo expecting them to look the same despite doing the exact same things to them each day in stride. We have no choice and that makes them all the more loveable or all the more frustrating. However you see your curls, waves, and coils (hopefully in the best light”>, we know they can be unpredictable but manageable with a few tips and techniques. While we look for that Holy Grail product, we often find ourselves in search for lasting definition. Preserving one’s curls is just as important as maintaining moisture for many curly girls so it was no surprise when Princesshailee asked for some help from Curly Q&A.


How do I preserve curls so they’ll last? So, I like to curl my hair by pin curling or by a curling wand and I want my curls to last a week or two without having to redo them.


For many curly girls, preserving curls is right up there with fighting frizz. Some just don’t want to refresh their hair nightly. I get it. The practice is not for every curly girl so we’ve got some tips that should help you.

Start with wash day

I find I get much better definition that lasts longer if my wash day routine is on point! Using moisturizing products from shampoos to conditioners to stylers allows for less frizz and more definition that lasts. Also, I treat my wash day like a styling day by completely styling my hair with gel and then crunching out the gel cast when dry. This allows for ideal curl definition and requires I only refresh with water or a leave-in and fluff. You can do the same with pin curls on wash day and use pin curls on the sections that have fallen flat or frizzy at night.

Opt for every other day or every few days

No one wants to redo their hair nightly. I know, I know. You do not want to be bothered but what if you did it every other night? If your hair is lasting a few days but you cannot get it to make the week then on night 3 or 4 just re twist, braid, or put it into pin curls to make it last longer. While, you will not get a full week without aid, this is a great way to up your moisture by redoing and applying a moisturizing leave-in to help your hair along, without completely washing and styling it. Our hair needs moisture and even if you are getting a full week out of your hair, you should be adding some moisture to it to keep it pliable, healthy, and looking stunning.

Try braiding or twisting

Sometimes we want that premium definition that lasts for beyond one or two days. That’s when braiding or twisting may need to come into play. Simply add some leave-in on old hair (or start out on wash day”> and divide hair into smaller sections. The smaller the better, and either twist or braid each section before wrapping into a Bantu knot. Leave in overnight or until completely dry and take down without sectioning too much as you do not want to disturb the curl. Not only will you have great definition but it will last for more than one day if placed in pineapple or in a bonnet at night. If you do not want to do a lot of restyling, then simply put in bigger Bantu knots if the smaller ones are too tedious at night.

Added hair protective styles

For styles that last even longer you may want to try some long-lasting protective styles like crochet braids or Senegalese twists. These styles will last weeks or even a few months and can be easily installed and by yourself if you choose. These styles are fun and keep your hair protected as long as you do not neglect them under the hair. They would be perfect for summer too.