The world of curls is as diverse as the wearers themselves. Curls can range from beachy waves to magical coils, from no volume to immense body, or an infusion of it all. The spectrum of curls is never-ending, however, there is always room to mix it up, a little pizzazz when transitioning to better curls, or simply an addition of more volume, and this new Latina-owned company, Bella Kurls, is putting love in the hair for a curlier you with their premium quality clip-ins.

Bella Kurls Hair Extensions
Photo Courtesy of @BellaKurls

Bella Kurls is owned by Dominican beauty, Lynnette Joselly, who is originally from Queens, NY but is currently residing in Miami.

I recently had the privilege to talk to LJ about her company, entrepreneurship and natural hair journey, and this is what she had to say.

"I created this company out of the frustration of paying too much to get extensions with a hair stylist. It was like paying rent! When it came to styling my hair curly, I was still in the process of growing it out, however, I wanted the same length and volume as when I blow-dried it straight. I couldn't find anything on the market that matched my curl pattern and was an easy installment, so I did it myself by creating Bella Kurls clip-in extensions. It was to help me on my natural hair journey, as well as help others embrace their curl pattern.

I also wasn't really a fan of my curly hair growing up, and after moving from New York to Miami, it was hard to find a stylist that knew how to deal with my hair texture.

I then decided to do my first relaxer when I entered middle school, because it was easier to manage my own hair, and at that time I loved the results of having silky straight hair.

Bella Kurls Hair Extensions
Photo Courtesy of @BellaKurls

Things have definitely changed now. I haven't done a relaxer in years, and my natural curls are coming together, and I am very happy with the volume of my hair—big hair, don't care team!

There really is no easy part when it comes to business, but I love my passion.

I enjoy being a part of the natural hair community and becoming friends with so many curl queens and helping them out with their hair journey. I love receiving sweet messages from curlies all over the world enjoying their Bella Kurls clip-ins. I've actually been able to meet a few of them, so to me it's more than a business, it's a relationship I am building with my community.

Getting the business started was not easy, but what start-up business ever is? I didn't want to make any excuses so I pretty much invested any money I made from my freelance marketing gig into Bella Kurls and built it up from there.

I was raised by my mom and aunt, very powerful women who had to work two jobs at times to ends meet. They motivated me to go above and beyond for my career. They are my constant motivation. I also have to say that surrounding myself with girl bosses and inspiring entrepreneurs has inspired to reach greater goals! To all aspiring entrepreneurs: you can't ever get too comfortable.

Bella Kurls Hair Extensions
Photo Courtesy of @BellaKurls

If you're considering trying these clip-ins, you may be wondering what they look like on curlies, so here are some photos of curlies trying them out.


@stephaniedarosa_ is wearing the 2 Dark Brown Kinky texture in 26 inches.


@3connercurls  is wearing the kinky set in dark brown 18 inches.

@charmsie did a custom cut and dye on her clip-ins.

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