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Word of mouth, referrals, and promotional specials are great ways to grow your business as a stylist and have been for years, but today the most effective way to assure your schedule is booked is through utilizing social media. We live in a society that is filled with visual consumers and we as stylists are visual artists. Stylists have to evolve with the times, and social media offers free reach and exposure.

There has been a silent stigma among stylists that being on YouTube as a professional hairstylist is totally faux pas, but if you are not utilizing YouTube then you are missing a whole new level of branding yourself as a professional. I have had other hairstylists tell me, "I have to be paid to share my knowledge" and I reply, "it is not free, it is an investment.” YouTube has not only brought me new clients from all over the country, it has also gotten me exposure to brands we as stylists work with daily. Brands love the concept of a professional being on YouTube. In addition, your prospective clients will get an instant boost of confidence seeing your work in action. Just think, your client is a walking billboard and your YouTube channel as your global billboard.

if you are not utilizing YouTube, then you are missing a whole new level of branding yourself as a professional

If video creation is not for you, there are several other options. Instagram is a virtual gallery right in the comfort of your hand. Starting a profile on Instagram and using simple hashtags, you have created an easily accessible and shareable portfolio for the world to find you. Visual art is what we create, so why not take before and after photos of your clients (with their consent) and place them on a wildly popular platform free? This is the age of audacious self-promotion. People are constantly relocating and the easiest way for them to see your work is through social media. Of course word of mouth helps, but people love exploring their options.


Facebook is another amazing and free social media tool you should use. Having a business fan page separates your brand's social media from your personal life and creates a cohesive space for your work, clients, and fans to see updates and engage with you.


Now let's touch on working with other content creators or social media influencers. Working with people who have already done all the footwork is brilliant. Being able to work with influencers, who are not licensed, to help them learn and teach their already loyal following some helpful tips on how to care for their hair equals is a no brainer. This will extend your exposure as well as garner you new clients and build a buzz around how open and collaborative you are. So don't shy away from working with influencers, as they can expose you to more people than you could imagine.

Quick tips

  • Start using social media to promote your brand as a hairstylist
  • Keep your social media pages for your brand about your brand
  • Be consistent with posting
  • Sharing is caring
  • Share what you feel comfortable sharing

Do you follow your stylist on social media? Do you wish more curly stylists used social media?