Salon A.K.S. says that cool curls are this season’s hottest style.

Moriccanoil Hairspray

This season’s hottest accessory will be sleek, shiny hair, but that doesn’t mean goodbye to the curls and texture. Loose, soft and shiny curls are big, and they’re easy to achieve. Keep your hair’s naturally curly texture with these curling tips from A.K.S:

  • Simply start by brushing your hair close to the scalp with a silk-bristled brush.
  • Curl the vertical sections of the hair with a big-barrel curling iron in large sections.
  • Keep the hair loose; don’t curl too tight around the curling iron.
  • Release the hair by turning your head upside down. Run your fingers through tresses, then spray with Moroccanoil hairspray for a windproof look.