In continuation of NaturallyCurly’s holiday hair collection, I have provided yet another easy updo that you can rock at your next holiday event. This is a low updo, as contradicting as that sounds. You will still pull the hair up, but the bun is low and close to the nape of the neck. For this hairstyle, all you need is a brush, hair elastic, and preferably dry hair. This hairstyle is tough to do if you have short to medium length hair, and  works best with long wavy hair.

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End of Year Elegance

  1. Start by smoothing out your waves with a brush.
  2. Tie your hair into a low bun with a hair elastic. On the second loop around, don’t pull your hair all the way through. Only pull it halfway through to create a bun with hair hanging out.
  3. Right above the hair elastic, use your fingers to divide your hair into two to create a hole. The hole must be big enough for your bun to fit through.
  1. Push your bun through the hole, and then pull it through on the other side.
  2. You can leave it as such, and tease the hair hanging out or coat it with mousse to give it a good texture. Or if you want a more sleek look, you can secure the hair that is sticking out with a bobby pin.

This updo is more on the casual elegant side. However, you can always make it more elegant and sleek by working with wet hair and smoothing gel over it.

If you prefer the messy updo look, leave out the step in which you smooth it with a brush and instead scrunch your waves. Scrunch with hair product and then proceed to styling. Pull a few loose strands out here and there for an effortless look.

Want More?

Wavy hair is by far the most versatile of the curly clad! Why not experiment with all the styles you can get, for any occasion!

Final Thoughts

The great thing about this holiday hair style is that it is very simple and you can have fun with it and experiment with different looks. A nice holiday headband made out of ribbons, bows, or even bells can add a festive touch to it as well! Happy hairstyling!