6 Custom Skincare Brands You Should Know About

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The word “bespoke” has been everywhere lately. You may have heard it used to describe many things, from Meghan Markle’s wardrobe, to men’s shaving kits, to every single item listed on Etsy. If you’re like me, you may not be clear on what it exactly it means. I used context clues and assumed it meant “fancy” or “extremely expensive,” but what it really means is custom-made. Skincare companies have caught on to the bespoke trend, and these custom skincare brands have personalized products that will make you feel fancy while also giving you a gorgeous glow.

Source Vitál Apothecary

Alongside their extensive range of handcrafted, small-batch skin and body products, this indie beauty brand also makes custom serums with plant-based ingredients. First, you choose a base oil depending on your skin type and needs. Then you add one or two “care infusions,” with ingredients aimed at any skin problem you may be experiencing. For a few extra bucks, you can add “shots” of additional oils, with luxurious options such as watermelon seed oil, Abyssinian oil, and prickly pear oil. Finally, the most fun part — you get to name it! Source Vitál recently started making custom face masks, too. In a similar four-step process, you choose the ingredients for your custom mask based on your skin goals. Source Vitál then sends you enough ingredients for four uses, and you mix your own mask before each use so it’s fresh every time.

Rose & Abbot

Rose & Abbot currently makes one product: moisturizer. To create your custom moisturizer, you take a quiz on their website. It’s about more than just your skin. It also asks about your environment, what products you currently use, and your health and lifestyle habits. You also choose what scent you like, if any, and how strong it is. And you get to select the bottle design! Using your answers, Rose & Abbot’s algorithm creates the perfect moisturizer for your skin, and it can formulate up to 10,000 different moisturizers. This completely tailored product is cruelty-free and made with fresh botanicals.

Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary is another brand that makes custom facial serums. This brand is based in Canada, and if you live in Toronto, you can treat yourself to one of their custom facials, at which time they can also make you a custom serum. For everyone else (including us Americans”>, you can fill out an online questionnaire. Province Apothecary’s skin questionnaire is fairly in-depth. Many of the questions are short answers instead of multiple choice — it’s like taking a history test, but much more fun! The questions are about many skin-influencing factors, like your greatest skin challenges, how much time you spend outdoors, and your current skincare routine. Each serum is handmade and crafted with essential oils like apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, and rosehip oil.


Like many of the companies listed here, SkinCeuticals makes a custom facial serum. However, their serum can only be purchased in person at a medical spa or dermatologist. A skincare professional first diagnoses your skin’s needs and then compounds your custom serum, called CUSTOM D.O.S.E. This service is currently available at 22 locations around the United States, and your serum’s formula is adjusted every three months based on the season and your skin’s changes. This custom serum service is recommended for those who are looking to combat visible signs of aging and skin discoloration.


This brand’s personalized “super bottle” treatment is meant to address one specific skin issue: acne. To get your custom acne treatment, answer a few questions about your particular skin concerns and upload some pictures of your skin (no FaceTune!”>. Then you are assigned a skincare professional who formulates a custom product with ingredients like azelaic acid, clindamycin, and niacinamide. If you have any questions or concerns while using your custom “super bottle,” you can reach out to your provider at any time. And since it is a subscription product, you never have to worry about running out. 

Skin Inc.

Skin Inc., a Japanese brand, makes personalized serums, along with lots of other skin care products and devices. To formulate its custom serums, it uses a quick but involved quiz about your skin, lifestyle, and genetics. For most questions, you are given a statement such as “I experience high stress” or “Dark spots?” and a slider that goes from “none at all” to “a lot.” As you complete questions, lines of various colors and thicknesses appear and change in the background, which definitely makes it seem like some real science is happening. Skin Inc.’s proprietary algorithm then analyzes your answers and formulates your customized serum.

If you’re looking to try out bespoke skincare, these brands provide a wide range of options to address all your skin’s needs. Have you tried bespoke skincare? If you’re loving personalized skincare, check out personalized haircare!

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