This post is sponsored by Maybelline.


I recently moved from Austin to New York City, and that’s meant trading in the climate-controlled comfort of air conditioned everything for the heat and humidity of city sidewalks and subway stations. My morning beauty routine now centers on making sure I don’t lose all my makeup and curl definition by 9:00 a.m.

It’s been a process of finding curl products with enough hold to last the day, but enough flexibility to still achieve big volume. Long-lasting foundation that still looks like my skin. Lipstick that can survive through lunch without drying and flaking away. I’m still working on the first two, but I finally found the last one.

I’ve been testing Maybelline’s new SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition line, which comes in 10 warm-toned shades inspired by the defining bricks of New York City and are formulated to last 16 hours. Think rusted reds, burnt siennas, and even a deep blue (you know I love a blue lip)! Was it specifically made for me to celebrate and help me with my move? I think yes.*

*This collection was not really formulated just for me. And this article is sponsored but my opinions are as real as the cupcake I’m eating here.

My criteria

  • How quickly can I apply it?
  • How many meals can I eat without reapplying?
  • How long can I feel confident that my lipstick is still on my lips?

My methodology

  • Applying it in three minutes or less on the subway
  • Eating high impact foods like tacos and sandwiches
  • Wearing it in sweaty conditions, like my 8:00 class

Crystal is applying the shade Artist

I'm applying Globetrotter

How quickly can I apply it?

Have you ever had a liquid lipstick that’s so liquidy you have to dry it out for a few minutes before you could safely apply it? Or one that’s so dry you have to put it on as if on fast forward? Me too, so I’m happy to report that this goes on smooth and opaque with just a few strokes. The arrow applicator makes it easy to evenly fill in my lips and then create a clean line at the edges. With the navy I like a precise line, but with the more natural colors I like to blur the edges out with the side of the brush. The finish is matte and not glossy or sticky, but not so matte that it looks like all the moisture has been sucked out of you. I actually wasn’t sure that it had dried completely when I first applied it because it didn’t look as dry as the liquid lip products I’m used to, but I rubbed my fingers in it to be sure and it didn’t budge.

How many meals can I eat without reapplying?

Everyone who knows me knows I’m an enthusiastic eater. I don’t let my hair, makeup, or my clothes hold me back when it comes to eating, so let me pull out my hair tie and wear only unrestrictive waistbands while I eat this pizza! Yesterday, I applied the Globetrotter shade to my lips in the morning, then I had a breakfast smoothie, tacos for lunch, an apple with peanut butter for my afternoon snack, spaghetti for dinner, and toast with yogurt for my evening snack. Yes, I have an evening snack. And yes, the lipstick survived. After lunch the color was still vibrant and had not moved, after dinner it was just starting to fade evenly, and after my evening snack (around 9:00 p.m.) it had started to fade in the center of my bottom lip.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this progression and have probably been wondering why I wear lipstick to yoga.

How long can I feel confident that my lipstick is still on my lips?

This is important because I’ve been meeting so many new people for work and going on friend dates with new potential friends (like Crystal here, who I met at a NaturallyCurly event). Meeting new people can be awkward and stressful enough as it is — I don’t need the added worry of wondering whether I have lipstick flakes in my teeth. Not only did the SuperStay Matte Ink stay put, it also didn’t dry my lips into a permanent pucker the way other matte lip products have made me do.

Overall, I’ve been impressed that a lip product could stand up to my 5 meals a day. Yes, this is sponsored by Maybelline, but even after this publishes I’m going to keep wearing these lipsticks – just not to yoga.

The 10 shades of SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition will be available nationwide in January 2019 for less than $10. If you were at or near our Texture On the Runway event during New York Fashion Week, you would have gotten your own SuperStay Matte Ink from our street team who was handing them out for free!