My Curly Girl Travel Essentials for Mexico City


I traveled to Mexico City this summer and there was no cruise, fancy hotel, or resort. It was simply friends, amazing food, realizations, awareness, and a spectrum of emotions. I wanted to consciously travel to a country that I didn’t know much about; I wanted to have an experience rather than a marketing package.

Conscious travel requires a mindfulness for the world and the people we encounter during our travels. That demands getting to know the locals and how they think, immersing ourselves within the culture, buying local goods and merchandise, and being sensitive to the local environment and how it should be respected.

The weather conditions in Mexico City in the summer include temperatures around 80°F during the day and lows around 60 in the morning and night (so sweaters are important”>, as well as rarely any humidity. This allowed me to pack light as a curly girl when it came to skin and hair products.

My top five must-haves from this trip were:

OGX Tea Tree Mint Extra Strength Scalp Treatment

My protective style for this trip was goddess locs by Mimi, but I made the mistake of not rinsing them (they are made out of synthetic hair”> with apple cider vinegar and water before installing them, so I had a lot of itching and irritation. Usually, these types of locs are coated with chemicals for preservation; however, those chemicals can also cause a lot of scalp discomfort. The OGX scalp treatment is infused with tea tree extract, mint leaf extract, and witch hazel to refresh, moisturize, and soothe your scalp from the itching and build-up. This was a life-saver during my trip because it helped alleviate a lot of the aggravation on my scalp, but lesson learned: PRE-RINSE YOUR FAUX LOCS BEFORE INSTALLING!

T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Cleansing Cloths

Packing light is important when traveling abroad; therefore, being able to take off your makeup, and cleanse, tone, and soothe your skin with the same product is a blessing. Mexico City weather isn’t as bad as Texas weather so my makeup lasted all day without getting oily or sticky; however, clean skin is important in any environment, so these cleansing wipes helped keep my skin hydrated and beautiful. They help fight blemishes and soothe environmental irritations while also removing makeup, oil, and dirt.

LUA Skincare Eye Beam Oil

There is usually not much sleep when exploring new countries, so eyes can begin to look a bit tired after the second or third day. This oil is designed to brighten eyes and reduce puffiness while providing anti-wrinkle protection. It is also very conveniently packaged as a roll-on. The party may continue.

Rosehip Seed Oil by Kate Blanc

 Keeping up with one’s skincare routine while abroad can be a bit tricky, because you may have to condense the process to fewer steps and products. Rosehip seed oil is a great skin moisturizer option because it gets quickly absorbed into your skin and doesn’t make your face look or feel greasy, which is great when you are trying to get quickly out onto your new adventure for the day. It also helps combat any breakouts so that you can continue looking your best with minimal effort!

Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete Probiotic 90 Billion

New countries, new adventures, and new food equals amazingness, but also might expose you to new bacteria that your body and gut aren’t used to. The cuisine in Mexico City is among the best in the world, so expect to eat well. You can find food stands on the street as well as amazing, top-notch restaurants that serve just as well-priced food. But even though the food is great, our bodies may not be used to all of the ingredients, so GI troubles may be a possibility. One thing that helps keep you feeling healthy are probiotics; they are important to implement into our daily lives, but when you’re traveling abroad, it is even more important because they can help prevent digestive issues and allergies, while also improving mental health, heart health, and helping to boost your immune system.

These products are the basic things I took with me, but don’t forget to also add comfortable walking shoes and versatile clothing options to keep your bag from getting too stuffed in case you want to bring back goodies.

Where have you gone that left you mesmerized?

Irma Garcia


Irma is a full-time Afro-Latina womanist and reproductive justice warrior with a passion for poppin’ curly hair. She steps on the pro-choice battlefield as a patient advocate at Austin Women’s Health Center and supports people of color during their birthing experiences with positive, healthy outcomes as a trained doula with Mama Sana Vibrant Woman.

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