Did you know: Sugar has over 50 names!

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It is the fact that no one tells you about. I mean, come on!

That's at least fifty more than P. Diddy has at the moment.

🤔 Wait... is that his name, now???

Puff Daddy

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Much like my feelings toward Diddy, I'm not mad that sugar has so many names. It's just that, WE NEED TO KNOW what they are because sugar is in pretty much everything we eat and that is mindblowing to me.

Although I have been teeter-tottering with the idea of actually committing to our NaturallyCurly No Sugar challenge, I have to admit... seeing this collection of various sugar names has me leaning more toward following through than I originally planned to.

With so many names, my curiosity shifted to overdrive. I began to learn about how sugar breaks down in the body, how to deep dive into food ingredient labeling, and why sugar addictions are even a thing, the latter of which was most fascinating to me.

Sugar addiction is real.

That is why I wanted to know how sugar, with its various and cleverly disguised monikers, affects our brains.

What I found blew me away. Seriously, you guys. It's science.

This is Your Brain on Sugar.

If you have ever wondered why you cannot stop thinking about mashing fistfuls of cookies and scores of multi-colored, pellet-shaped candies into your face, you are not alone. It is because your brain LIKES it, and it wants you to feed more sugar to it. WOW! Can you say #headgames?

As educator Nicole Avena states, "Sugar also causes dopamine to be released, though not as violently as drugs." Well, that fact may very well be why people use terms like "fiend," "junkie," and "addict" when talking about the sugary stranglehold of Tootsie Rolls, Nilla Wafers, and grandma's chocolate chip cookies.

Learn more by watching educator Nicole Avena's explanation of how your brain responds to sugar:

Post-watch, that gives me a whole new lease on just saying "No!" to sugar. But enough about me. Surely, you are ready to know every color of this rose so here are the names of our frenemy sugar.

Sugar names for the sweet:

  1. Anhydrous dextrose
  2. fructose
  3. lactose
  4. maltose
  5. carbitol
  6. concentrated fruit juice
  7. corn sweetener
  8. diglycerides
  9. disaccharides
  10. evaporated cane juice
  11. erythritol
  12. Florida crystals
  13. fructooligosaccharides
  14. galactose
  15. glucitol
  16. glucoamine
  17. hexitol
  18. inversol
  19. isomalt
  20. maltodextrin
  21. malted barley
  22. malts
  23. mannitol
  24. nectars
  25. pentose
  26. raisin syrup
  27. ribose rice syrup
  28. rice malt
  29. rice syrup solids
  30. sorbitol
  31. sorghum
  32. sucanat
  33. sucanet
  34. xylitol
  35. zylose
  36. brown sugar
  37. cane crystals
  38. cane sugar
  39. corn sweetener
  40. corn syrup
  41. corn syrup solids
  42. crystal dextrose
  43. evaporated cane juice
  44. fructose sweetener
  45. fruit juice concentrates
  46. high-fructose corn syrup
  47. honey
  48. liquid fructose
  49. malt syrup
  50. maple syrup
  51. molasses
  52. pancake syrup
  53. raw sugar
  54. syrup
  55. white sugar

So, there you have it!

All the potential baby names you could possibly imagine.

confused baby

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Dang it - I mean, all of sugar's names!

When scanning food labels, make sure that you're looking out for these bad boys (tip o' the cap if you've come full circle - if not, please refer to Diddy at the top of the article).

Did you know all of these names? Is your brain hooked on sugar?

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Now that you are thoroughly versed (and possibly freaked out/disgusted/alarmed), are you going to take the No Sugar challenge? You can sign up by clicking this link: NaturallyCurly No Sugar Challenge 2018!

strawberry beside spoon of sugar by mali maeder

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As ever, be sweet!

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