Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday and since you’re probably going to want to spend it with your man, you’ll want to look your best! While we can’t help you coordinate all of the details, we can give you some great ideas for some bedroom-ready, wavy hairstyles so you can feel super sexy on this special night.

Wavy Updos

Type 2s have a lot of freedom when it comes to hairstyles, and updos are just one sexy option. In addition, with wavy hair you can pull a few strands out around the hairline and add a sensual element to your ‘do!

Gather your hair together at the back of your head (like you would for a ponytail”>, then wind the hair around itself to form a bun and secure. You can pluck some of the strands out to give a more relaxed, less “school-marm” look to your bun. If you’re going for a well-groomed bun, you’ll want to make sure to brush back the sides (the rest of the hair on your head”> and spritz them with a dab of hair spray.

If you’d prefer a bun that’s most feisty, try sweeping your hair up into a very loose bun and letting some of the hair around your hairline hang down. These looser buns are also easier to let down if you anticipate possibly undoing your bun and shaking all of your hair loose (and trust us, your man will probably love watching you do that!”>.

Wavy Downdos

If you feel more comfortable wearing your hair down, you’re in luck – wavies don’t have to do much to look sexy if they let their waves just flow!

One option is to just let it all hang down with some pulled forward in front of both shoulders. This is a good option for those who might not have a lot of time to fix their hair after, say, arriving home from dinner and heading straight to the boudoir.

If you can catch a minute alone in the bedroom, feel free to add a cute accent to your hair, such as a hairclip. This simple addition can transform your hair from what it looked like all evening to something sexy and enticing in the boudoir!

Alternatively, you can put your hair in a half up/half down style. Brush the top and front of your hair back while letting the bottom of your hair hang down. Secure the hair with a clip, or pull a few strands out around the hairline before securing it.

If you want, feel free to add a little adornment, such as a headband around the top portion of your hair. Go ahead and add a little more interest and a lot more sexy!

Tasha Swearingen

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