Have you ever been mistaken for your partner’s sibling? It’s creepy in more ways than I care to mention, but it’s also very telling of us as human beings.

Humans are naturally attracted to those with facial features that indicate similar or complimentary personalities. But other than that, nothing else has to fit. You’re tall, she’s short. You can have long arms and his can be buff, but slightly shorter.

Here at NaturallyCurly, it always comes back to hair. So the question is, do you and your significant other look alike? And if so, do you both have the same type of hair?

The Proof is in the Face

When it comes to choosing friends and partners, it’s all about the personality. Recent studies have suggested that married couples look similar. Not just in the facial features, but the personality behind each unique individual. If that’s the case, it’s possible that we really  do judge a book by its cover.

All of us judge each other by our “covers” without realizing it, but it’s it’s not just who we’re observing. Our look alike could be based on who we choose to be around. If that’s the case, it’s possible for friends and significant others to have the same facial quirks that suggest certain personality traits.

Is it the Hair?

If there are facial similarities or mannerisms between people who spend a lot of time together, that may not be the case with hair. Just like eye color, you are born with your hair type. The way you wear it may be based on personality, but if you have curly hair and your partner is a look alike, it may not be for the same reason studies have found with facial features.

There are so many reasons you and your partner may or may not have the same hair. Everything from scientific research to simple gossip can give you explanations for hair similarities. One idea suggests that, based on your personality or predisposition, you seek out someone who looks as well as acts like you or someone you know. Other theories state that opposites attract, which is why you have curly hair and your partner has straight hair. In this case even a look alike is relative.

The Reality

The truth is that we’re all unique people with different ideas of what makes us similar. Sometimes it’s the personality, and other times it is how we look. Looking alike, whether it’s our hair type or the clothes we wear is in the same category of similarities as the music we like, the food we eat or the subjects that we talk about. The fact that some couples look alike while others are dissimilar may just be one of the mysteries of life.

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Samantha Berley

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