African American woman with long curly hair

Love is in the air and everyone has one thing on the mind: romance. But like every great Hallmark holiday, it comes at a price. While romance does, of course, leave room for the wonderful and taboo; if you’ve rounded third base to home, or just woke up late, you know about the dreaded bed head, also known as sex hair. And if you have longer, curlier hair, it can be worse for wear.

Luckily there are several things you can do in order to remedy the worse of that messy hair so you can get all the love without the mess. Here are some dos, donts and tips of the trade so you can say bye-bye to sex hair for good!

The Dos

There is a huge difference between sex hair and sexy hair. You can get the fun filled, tousled look of sexy hair while styling, but sex hair is unintentional. Sex hair is defined usually not as a style, but from the effect of rolling around in the sheets. Some people do love the look of sex hair, but there are some “right” ways of doing it. Here are great ways to get all the love you can from your hair.

  • Leave your hair loose: Some people may think that this will make your hair even messier, but if you want to avoid sex hair, it’s easy enough to roll back out of bed and brush your hair.
  • Use a soft, multi-bristled brush: Whether your hair is stick straight or super kinky, a soft, multi-bristled brush curbs those fly-a-ways while smoothing out the top of your head and redistributing the natural oils in your hair.
  • Buy satin pillow cases: This may seem like a luxury to some, and it is. But if your hair is already frizzy, then cotton or polyester pillow case and sheets will make it worse. Satin pillowcases are always your best friend in the bedroom if you want to avoid sex hair.

The Don'ts

Sex hair and bed head may not always be the most flattering look, especially when there’s so much to do and so little time. For instance, sometimes your hair can get in the way of a nice romp or a good night sleep, especially when you know you’re going to have yet another thing to deal with after. But don’t worry! There are plenty of things you can do to avoid all the muss and fuss of the mess, and all of them are super easy.

  • Don't go to bed with your hair wet if you want to avoid sex hair: Not only will the pillow and sheets get wet, making for an uncomfortable feeling, but your hair will dry frizzy and uneven. Instead, your hair should be as dry as possible.
  • Don't over-product your hair: Anti-frizz serums and leave-in conditioners are fine as long as your hair has absorbed the product and is dry. But, if you put in too much gel or hair spray, it will be difficult to fix your hair later should there be a problem.
  • Don't bind your hair tightly: Try loose braids or a ponytail, which binds your hair loosely. Not only will this avoid sex hair, but it’s a comfortable way to reduce frizz and fly-a-ways.

More Tips

Aside from tying your hair back, make sure your head is not resting on your hair. That way, there won’t be friction which can create frizz. If you do put product in your hair, finger comb it through evenly. And last but not least, you can always take a shower in the morning.

How do you avoid the romped 'do?