Dry curls and rough-feeling textures are (dreaded) cornerstones in the natural hair community.

And it's a big deal because with dry curls comes breakage. This hair breakage limits hair growth, causing frustration with styling and overall curl maintenance.

To combat the ills of these issues, ElastaQP has formulated a new line of care and styling products for Naturals looking to thoroughly moisturize curls, stop hair breakage, and add shine for brilliant hairstyles.

Sounds great, right? But which two ingredients are in their wheelhouse and why?

In this sponsored post, you'll learn about the two hero ingredients of their new line: Olive Oil and Mango Butter.

But first...

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ElastaQP Olive Oil and Mango Butter line eliminates curly hair breakage and split ends by moisturizing every strand.

Have you already added these new curl products to your collection? Slay all day by treating your curls to all three of these emollient-rich items:

  1. ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer
  2. ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Leave-In H2 Moisture Sealing Conditioner
  3. ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding

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Now that you know how easy styling your hair with these ElastaQP Olive Oil and Mango Butter products, it's high time you understand why they're just what your curls need.

Why these two ingredients stop curly hair breakage

In order to understand why hair breakage is such a major issue within our community, NaturallyCurly has performed much needed legwork for you. According to an interview with internationally acclaimed hairstylist Vernon Francois, featured in Is Hair Breakage Inevitable by Sabrina Perkins, hair breakage impacts textured hair types more than any other.

”When hair has kinks—not a coil or a curl—it can be the most fragile, because it tends to lack the most moisture of all hair types," Francois stated, "Co-washing can be done very frequently, up to twice a day for intense hydration and conditioning if needed.”

Since this type of maintenance is imperative to curl health and reducing breakage, it's best to choose products that feature the following ingredients:

Olive Oil - The fruit that keeps on giving!

Not only is this hair shaft-penetrating oil a favorite in the natural hair community, its uses are virtually boundless.

In this instance, ElastaQP has add this power fruit's oil to their formulation to bring your curls softness and enviable shine.

Mango Butter - Nature's favorite emollient! 

This ingredient acts as a moisture sealer for strands that are prone to dryness, which inevitably leads to hair breakage.

By sealing in the moisture saturating each curl, mango butter lubricates the hair to provide increased slip, or manageability, making detangling less cumbersome.
As you can see, these two power players are packed with goodness for natural hair. Because they're both emollients, they are naturally inclined to seal your hair strands with moisture. That's pretty exciting news for curlies and coilies suffering from hair breakage.

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