Loc petals

1. Part your hair, row by row.

2. Take the end of each loc and pull it up to the root of that same loc.

3. Use a rubber band that is similar to the color of your locs to secure them at the root. Franchesca also used black bobby pins to ensure the security and concealment of the loc petals.

This style works on any length of locs; the beauty of it is that it looks drastically different as well, so you can replicate the style throughout your entire journey.

Shoelace bun

Put your locs up in a high ponytail.

2. Grab a small section and act like you are about to tie your shoes.

3. Every time you start your next 'tie', use a different set of locs.

You may have locs that stick up straight. No worries, just make those into a shoelace-like bow as well. Make sure at the end, every piece is looped and not sticking out. This style isn't too hard or too easy, it is just time consuming, according to Franchesca.

Rope twist pigtails

1. Create flat twists in the front of your head to keep your edges smooth and laid.

2. Separate locs down the middle into low pigtails.

3. Twist each pigtail into two smaller chunks and twist down as jumbo two strand-twists.

4. Use a hair tie at the end to secure. Franchesca also uses a mini rubber band to tuck her ends down.

5. Repeat the process for the other pigtail.

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