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Undercuts have been a trendy way to switch up your look for women. What is an undercut? It is when the side(s”> and/or the nape of your neck is shaved or cut really low. You can also have designs added to your cut or even have it colored. Undercuts are popular and one of the reasons is due to the versatility. This haircut can be super subtle or eyecatching where everyone can see it. Are you debating about getting an undercut for your curls? Here are three things to consider before getting a new look. 

Where do you want it?

While considering your undercut, think about where you would want it. Do you want to be able to show off your undercut all of the time? The sides of your head would be a great location for you. If you would prefer for it to be visible sometimes and have the option to cover it at others, then the back of the head would be the ideal location for you.

Think about the hairstyles you typically wear now and decide if you want to continue wearing those styles, or if you are willing to let the undercut dictate how you wear your hair – this will determine the best location for your undercut.

Thinking about the location of your undercut also allows you to consider the hairstyles you usually wear you hair in and if you can or cannot wear them any longer. 

How often do you want to go to the salon?

If you plan to keep your undercut short, be aware that frequent trips to your hairstylist or barber will become a regular part of your lifestyle. Unless you are an expert with the scissors or clippers, I would not recommend making this a DIY activity. In addition to frequent trips to the salon or barber, this also means spending more money to keep up with your hairstyle. The location of your undercut also plays a role in the maintenance. The more visible it is, the higher the level of maintenance.

Can you make the most of the grow out process?

Growing your hair out from a haircut can be super challenging. The length of the rest of your hair will determine how long the grow out process will take for you. If you have long hair, then consider the amount of time it will take for your undercut to reach the length of your current haircut. Styling your hair during the “in between stage” can be tough. However, it can allow you to be creative with different looks or styling accessories to help you get through the stage. If the “in between stage” is something that you cannot tolerate, an undercut may not be ideal for you.


If you have already considered these points and still want to go for it, great! Enjoy your fabulous haircut and rock it! Be sure to bring photos of inspiration to your barber or stylist to get exactly what you want.

If you still don’t feel certain, there are plenty of other ways to play with your curls! You can experiment with color (even if it’s temporary”> or a new cut that requires less maintenance. You can also gradually cut your hair shorter instead of cutting it all in one session. 

Do you have an undercut? How are your styling and maintaining your curls? Please share with the curly community.

Ashley Glenn

Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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