Not a fan of vitamins in pill form? There's a liquid hair growth vitamin for that!

The CURLS team made this liquid hair growth vitamin for our curly hair!

This liquid hair growth vitamin formulated by hair care experts CURLS makes taking care of your hair and reaching your daily nutritional goals simple. You only need to take 1 tablespoon (15mL) a day to reap the benefits.

There are several ways to consume this blueberry and coconut flavored liquid vitamin that you'll need to shake extremely well prior to each use. Try the following recommendations that my fellow NaturallyCurly editors and I stand by!

If you love juicing and smoothies, you're going to love adding this vitamin to your cool morning beverage.

Gather your favorite fruits, veggies, several scoops of ice cubes, and live cultures to make a delicious smoothie for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Don't forget your CURLS vitamin!

All you'll need is a tablespoon of this liquid vitamin. Gently squeeze the liquid vitamin into a tablespoon. Then add it to your smoothie ingredients. You'll love the hint of blueberry the vitamin adds to this healthy drink.

Who knew that getting healthy was this quick and tasty?

Remember: Always refrigerate your liquid hair growth vitamin after each use!

There's nothing more luxurious than getting your daily vitamin intake while winding down from a long day!

For this routine, you'll need CURLS liquid hair growth vitamin, your favorite book, and a moisturizing face masque.

Personally, I enjoy reading while waiting for face masque to work their magic into my pores.

I highly recommend an avocado-based masque for supple, blemish-free skin.

Another thing you can do while you're waiting for your face masque to dry is take your vitamin! Squeeze a tablespoon amount into a small glass and drink.

You'll be so glad you did once you see cumulative results of longer, stronger curls.

Taking your tablespoon of liquid hair growth vitamin during your workout is easier than ever!

One of the best feelings in the world is a rush of endorphins after a successful workout session.

But in order to feel super pumped after your session, you'll need to stay hydrated and powered up during it.

That's why we recommend taking your liquid hair growth vitamin with water during your workout break!

Pour a tablespoon of the liquid vitamin into the bottle's cap. Then pour the liquid into your water bottle.


Then hydrate yourself with this nourishing concoction!

You may be thinking, "That's great... I can drink this liquid, but what's next? What's in it for my curls?"

Here's what you get from CURLS Blissful Lengths liquid hair growth vitamin!

Curlies, you've been laser focused on hair growth and strand strength ever since you decided that you're staying NATURAL 4 LIFE. So of course this is the one product you're going to need in your life to maintain your supple skin, gorgeous hair, and lengthy nails.

According to CURLS, "Your body absorbs up to 98% of liquid vitamins into our bloodstream, and only up to 20% with a pill?" That's why they formulated a time-release liquid vitamin for your body to quickly absorb. It's also caffeine-free so that your body's metabolism can kick in naturally.

You know how much I love giving you things. Today is no exception!

Our friends at CURLS gave us so many bottles of this amazing liquid hair growth vitamin that I have to give you a chance to win your very own bottle!!!


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As ever, stay curly!