Whether your weekend plans include parties or spending time with your family and friends, whatever we do we want to look fabulous! You don’t have to be intimidated by dressing up your curls with accessories, and they’re a quick way to take a simple style to the next level. Here are three ways to rock an accessory this weekend. 

1. The golden twist 

I showed this look earlier by wearing my natural hair down previously. This time, I divided my hair in three sections: two small ones in the front and a big one in the back. I pulled the big section in a bun and twisted the two smaller sections to the back, then pinned them down and covered my bun with a fake, voluminous ponytail. I finalized the look by accessorizing my twists by adding golden hair rings on top.

Although this look is very easy, each element of this hairdo is an eye-catcher!

2. Frida Kahlo Braids

Oh, how much I enjoyed creating this look. I have admired Frida Kahlo since 2014 because of her story and ability to translate her creativity into her fashion sense and hairdos. She was my source of inspiration for this look. Little known fact: for night out looks I love wearing golden and/or silver accessories from–believe it or not–the craft store. For this one, I used silver and gold ribbons. 

For the look, I divided my hair in two section. I tied the ribbons on my hair and did not cut the ends. I started braiding the ends of the ribbons along with my hair and pinned the end of each braid on top of my hair. I added golden rings on the braids and voila: a unique look!

3. The Angel Crown 

This look is actually an extension of the look described above. I grabbed a fake ponytail and pinned it down right behind the braids. However, you should keep in mind that for this look I have used an ponytail was thick. Chances are, a low density ponytail may appear obviously fake to everyone else at the party.

If you are wondering what to pay attention to when buying a fake ponytail. I personally prefer buying one with a natural curly texture. As you can see on the pictures I always had finger waves even though I smooth my hair down.

4. Bantu Knots With a Touch of Gold

For this look I, divided my hair in three sections: two small ones in the front and one in the back. I twisted the three sections into a bun, then finalized the look by decorated the smaller buns with golden and silver ribbons. I stuck a fake ponytail on the larger bun and that is it!

Which look is your fave?

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