You’ve prepared your backpack and your mind for the new school year.

Don’t forget to prepare your curls, too!

This school year, you must commit to treating your precious curls, waves, and coils with care.

This commitment is made easy when styling with products from your favorite curl brands Twisted Sista, Bounce Curl, and Palmer's.

Style Preparation is Key!

To Get these Grade-A looks now, grab a bottle of Twisted Sista Intensive Leave-In and smooth it into your curls.

You'll want to use this almond, avocado, and coconut oil infused leave-in because its detangling and hydrating properties work wonders on all curl textures. What's even better is that your scalp won't develop build up with this sulfates-, parabens-, phthalates-, and mineral oils-free leave-in. Your curls will look and feel buoyant, moisturized, and beautiful all day long!

You'll also need Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel.

This light creme gel is making curlistas every where squeal with glee. Its aloe and nigella sativa infused formula enhances natural curl patterns without parabens, sulfates, and silicones. Feel free to scrunch, air dry, or diffuse your curls with this light creme gel.

Now that your hair is thoroughly prepped for styling, let's get into the looks that will have you feeling fabulous all school year!

Front Tuck Head Wrap

Have head scarf. Will wrap!

This stunning look is visually striking inside and outside of the classroom. And all you'll need to style it is one rectangular head wrap.

Since you've prepped you curls with a leave-in and gel, you simply need gently lift your curls to the top of your head and twist them into a top knot. You don't need to use an elastic hair tie for this since the head wrap will keep all of your curls into place. Follow up by wrapping your scarf around your curls, making sure to secure the wrap by tying it in the front of your head. Tie, roll, and tuck the wrap into the opening it makes at the top of your crown.

Pineapple Curls

This style is classically beautiful.

You can wear it day and night. All you'll need is an elastic hair tie and head wrap.

Gently lift your moisturized and gelled curls upward. Guide them through the elastic hair tie, collecting them into a top knot or very loose bun. Then, use your head wrap to pineapple your curls making sure that the largest part of the wrap hugs the nape of your neck. Lift up and around your hairline and front tie. Once the head wrap is in tied, use your fingers to gently coax your curls out of the top knot and through the elastic band. Fluff them out, setting them to either the left or right side of your wrap.

So pretty, no?

Double Top Knot

Own it.

This look is super cute! It's even cuter when you add softness and shine to it with Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Finishing Hair Oil to curls.

Harvested from the beautiful lands of New Zealand, manuka flower honey is the one oil you'll fall head over feet for after one application to your coif. This natural humectant will eliminate frizz and let you focus on the books instead of your looks.

Blind them with shiny curls!

This style require a wide-tooth comb to part the middle section of your head, two elastic hair ties to keep sections separated, and a soft bristle brush to smooth strands nearest the hairline and sectioned parts. Twist your sectioned curls and secure them with your elastic ties. You'll want to make sure that the curls below your two top knots are shiny so definitely add your finishing oil to lock in the beauty of this style.

Halo Braids

These divine crowning braids rule!

This style needs no introduction and requires your homegrown braiding skills, small rubber bands to secure the ends of each braid, and bobby pins to hold braided ends in place.

Start by sectioning your curls at the hairline. Then, from your part begin braid your hair down and around the hairline. Once you've braided both sides of your hairline and secured their ends, tuck and secure the ends. The only thing left for you to do now is get to the library and hit the books because you can slay while you study!

Love these hair styles? Watch this multi-branded video for full tutorials of each as executed and modeled by the lovely Angelica!

You're all set for a stylish school year!

So, tell me: Which of these hairstyles will you rock ?

Share your style plans for the school year in the comments section below!

As ever, stay curly!