Transitioning back to my hair’s natural state was one of the most emotional journeys that I have gone through. Some people may feel it is easy and a breeze, but some of us go through so many different emotions from frustration to desiring acceptance. So many naturals that transition may begin to feel pressured from family, friends, and society to cut their relaxed ends. I know for myself, I would get comments online asking, “What are you waiting on to cut your hair?” or statements like, “You are transitioning too long.” Eventually, you will get to the point when you know it’s time to cut your relaxed ends. I didn’t want to cut my relaxed ends until I was good and ready. No matter what reason you decided to transition, don’t let anyone pressure you to cut your hair until you are ready to do so.

don’t let anyone pressure you to cut your hair until you are ready to do so

It can be helpful to set a deadline to cut your hair when you start your transition to make it a little easier on yourself. Can’t decide on an ideal date? Here are a few signs that it’s time to cut your transitioning hair.

1. Breakage

Your hair is breaking excessively and nothing you do will stop it. There aren’t enough trims, protein treatments, or low maintenance styles to make it cease. As your natural hair continues to grow, the line of demarcation, where your natural hair and your relaxed hair meet, will begin to weaken and that is when breakage occurs frequently. I know that as I got further into my transition, it became really difficult for me to handle two textures without causing significant breakage. With my relaxed hair thinning, styling my hair became increasingly difficult and I knew it was time to cut my hair.

2. You want to try more natural styles

You may be tired of protective styling and rocking rod sets to hide your two textures. You may be ready to try out some new natural hairstyles like a wash and go, twist-out, and Bantu knots. The problem is that these styles begin to look less desirable as your transitioning hair gets longer. In order to get the full experience out of these styles, especially a wash and go, it may be time to let those ends go. You don’t want body and fullness at the roots with tattered and wispy ends.

3. You’re tired of transitioning

You may just be tired of your transitioning journey. It’s not fun if you are frustrated and your patience has run thin. At this point, it may be evident that it’s time to cut your hair and let those ends go. I felt this way towards the end of my transition and I moved the date to cut my hair sooner, because I was fed up and couldn’t take it anymore. I was ready to see my hair fully natural and I wanted to be able to do all the styles I desired without feeling restricted.

4. You feel ready

To all of my long term transitioners out there, my word of advice is to cut your hair when you are ready and not a moment sooner. Don’t let anyone pressure into cutting your hair if you are not ready to do so just yet. Take your time, learn your hair, and you will know when you are ready to take the final step and let those ends go.

How did you know it was time to cut your hair?

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