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Transitioning is challenging, especially if you do not know what to expect. Everyone is starting at different lengths and everyone will have different curl patterns with different porosities, and all of this will dictate how long you can transition, how you style your hair, and which products you should use. The transitioner starting out with bra strap length (BSL) hair will have less challenges than someone starting with shoulder length (SL) hair. It will be less challenging for someone with 3b hair to blend her natural texture with the relaxed or heat-damaged hair than someone with 4c hair. Regardless of your porosity, there is a high likelihood that your products will have to transition with your hair. If your virgin natural hair seems excessively dry, then that could be an indications that you need to use heavier cream, butters, or oils as oppose to someone whose hair finds lotion and milks sufficient. What all transitioning hair has in common is the need for low manipulation, gentleness, moisture, and protein treatments. Remember, your natural texture will not behave like your relaxed or heat-damaged hair so it is important to be attentive and respond to your hair’s needs. No one can tell you what’s best for you better than your hair.

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Transitioning can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. And to make it even more frustrating, it does not help that everyone seems to have let go of their relaxed ends! There are a few YouTubers who long-term transitioned, but you will have to dig through their buried archives to find their videos and who wants to do that? Since the YouTube community is growing so rapidly, women are investing more in their content and so the new transitioner's expectation level (i.e. proper lighting, sound, editing, and overall presentation) is set pretty high and the videos from 3+ years ago probably won't meet that standard. Are you looking for fellow transitioners to build camaraderie with? Well, here are six YouTuber who are currently transitioning…like, right now. Like, as of the date that this article was published. Check out these ladies and do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Post relaxer: 17 months 


Post relaxer: 1 year, 6 months


Post relaxer: 14 months 


Post relaxer: 2 years, 2 months


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